Aaron Lyle is a minor character in VR game Westworld Awakening. He is Chelsea Brannon's co-worker.



Aaron is a narrative writer in charge of designing Kate and Hank's narrative. 


Westworld AwakeningEdit

"Rabbit's Snare"Edit

After getting killed by Hank, Kate gets activated by Chelsea, who starts to argue with Aaron. He claims the killer should've had a knife, but Chelsea says it's not a good idea. The tech points out he tries to resurrect Kate's narrative by that, since no one from guests seems to interact with her lately. He still gives the killer bigger knife and suggests change Kate's outfit to something with a low-cut.

Once again in the lab, Lyle proposes to set Hank's pain reception to zero to make him more resistant and dangerous. Brannon notices Kate will get killed off to early and that she has to be a survivor. He rebuts, saying her role is to the "damsel in distress" who agrees to have sex with anyone who rescues her. Brannon tells him that if guests want something easy, they can visit Mariposa Saloon instead.

"Critical Incident"Edit


Aaron's corpse.

Lyle was killed by Wyatt's gang members off-screen during the human slaughter. Chelsea tries to contact him to get help getting out of the trap at the arrivals as Kate exits her host room. When Kate comes out and wanders the Mesa, she finds the room Lyle was killed in and picks up the earpiece Chelsea was linked to. Kate tells Brannon Lyle was killed, and the tech scolds him for dying so untimely.


Killed By

After gaining sentience, Dolores advances her gang against humans, beginning the Mesa invasion.

Lyle was killed by Wyatt's gang members during the slaughter with an axe.


Lyle is a very stubborn person. He doesn't listen to Chelsea's points about what changes should be implemented and what should not.



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