Abernathy Ranch is the home of the decent and hardworking Abernathy family. Located near Sweetwater Hills, the breathtaking homestead overlooks the rolling hills and offers spectacular views of the Sweetwater River. Tend to the herd and work the land during the day...just stay alert after dark, as the secluded ranch is known to be a target of bandits.

– Official Description

Abernathy Ranch is a location in Westworld park, where Dolores Abernathy and her family live. There is a paddock for cattle, and also a barn. It is located not far from the town of Sweetwater.

Dolores' day usually begins here (as does her father's), and continues on a repeating loop.

The ranch is where Dolores Abernathy lives with her parents, who are both hosts. It is a hot-spot of criminal activity (against the Abernathys). This violence is part of Dolores' rancher's daughter narrative.

Season One

The Stray

After Dolores' parents were shot and killed (their normal loop), Dolores runs away. She runs right into the arms of William, who was on a bounty hunt with Logan.




  • According to the map (at the distance between the ranch and Sweetwater is anywhere from approximately 1 to 5 kilometers. (The 1 km is when a scale of 1:100000 is used, and the 5 km is when a scale of 1:500000 is used.)
  • Abernathy farm is a location in the game Fallout

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