Akane s a character in HBO's Westworld. She is played by the actor Rinko Kikuchi.


Akane was created by Lee Sizemore as a Shōgunworld counterpart to Maeve Millay. Sizemore claims he felt justified to do so, as he was under stress to create 300 new narratives in 3 weeks.

Season Two



As a copy of Maeve, Akane shares not only a protectiveness towards her companions and a strong personality, but also some level of self-awareness: she is able to disobey her narrative and kill the Shogun's emissary and later the Shogun himself, and is able to recognize Maeve as her counterpart when they first meet. Despite the fact that Sizemore more or less copied Maeve's code into Akane, there are some differences, as Akane shows no desire to leave the park. It is unclear if this is because Akane did not receive the same code that Ford gave Maeve or because Akane's own sentience, like Maeve, allowed her to make that choice.


  • She has a close and protective relationship with Sakura.


  • Akane (アカネ, あかね, 茜) is Japanese for "matter root" or "deep red," from the red dye produced from matter roots. Together with her daughter's name, Sakura (桜, "cherry blossom"), this may be a play on words, as pink cherry blossoms and deep red matter roots would mix together to create the color mauve (モーブ, mо̄bu), which sounds similar to the name Maeve (メーブ, Mēbu) .
  • Despite the fact that she is considered to be the counterpart of Maeve Millay, she refers to herself as a geisha, and as such, she and the other girls are trained in dance, music and poetry, not in the art of sexual pleasure. Moreover, offering sexual services was strictly forbidden for geishas.


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