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Antoine Costa is a main character in Season Two of HBO's Westworld and is described as a "tech expert with an objective perspective". He is played by Fares Fares.



At some point Antoine Costa became a technician working for Delos Incorporated.


Season Two

"Journey Into Night"

Antoine Costa is part of the Delos Extraction Team investigating the gala massacre two weeks after the event. Strand orders him to find out what killed a Ghost Nation Host; Costa notes that it is not a sterile environment out in the field but Strand tells him that they all have to make sacrifices.

Costa scalps the host, finding the image of The Maze underneath but has no idea what it is. Using several tools, Costa removes the core processor unit and plugs it into a tablet reader. The recording shows the Host was killed by Dolores Abernathy eleven days, nine hours ago. Costa asks who she is; Bernard Lowe replies that she is the rancher's daughter from Sweetwater. Costa realizes that she is supposed to be the "cheery welcome wagon" and that the Hosts should not be able to change their core character profiles.

While the Delos team investigates an anomaly reading that turns out to be a Bengal tiger who has crossed the borders from Park 6, Costa gets readings that all the Hosts are clustered together in the Western Valley. Strand decides to go and check out the area. Upon arrival, they find that the entire valley is flooded. Costa directs the team's attention to the location of the Hosts – they are all seemingly drowned in the water.

"Virtù e Fortuna"

Costa followed the Extraction team into the Mesa Hub from one of the train tunnels.

"Akane No Mai"

Bernard watches as technicians remove control units from hosts lined up on gurneys. Across the corridor, Karl Strand arrives and asks Costa for an update. Antioine tells him that 1/3 of the recovered control units are as clean as if they'd never been used. He also tells Strand that the Cradle has been destroyed by fire, along with all of the hosts' backups it contained.

"Les Écorchés"

Strand, Stubbs, and Antoine Costa are watching from outside the room. Costa is monitoring Bernard with a tablet, and notes that Bernard's system is under heavy attack, and that maybe Bernard is trying to debug himself. Hale puts Bernard into Analysis Mode, and he has a flashback of grabbing a Pearl. He says something to Hale, but we only see his lips move, not hear his words. She smiles confidently, and motions the other three into the room. She once again commands Bernard back into Analysis Mode, and gets him to say that Abernathy's control unit is in Sector 16, Zone 4. Strand prepares to go to the Valley Beyond for the control unit, and that once he has it that they will send the data to the satellite.

"The Passenger"

Hale leads Bernard, Karl Strand, and Antoine Costa back to the Forge to search for Abernathy’s control unit. They find Dolores, dead. Strand interrogates Bernard, and Hale realizes that he hid Abernathy’s pearl in Dolores. Bernard, piecing together his scrambled memories, remembers that he made a choice, repeating what he said at the end of Journey Into Night, “I killed you. All of you.” As Costa plugs in Abernathy’s pearl and starts prepping the system for upload to their satellites, Strand presses Bernard, who reveals that he didn’t mean he killed all the hosts… he set in motion a chain of events that would kill all humans.

He scrambled his own memories to hide what he knew from Strand and his team and “brought her back”— after shooting Dolores, he built a host copy of Hale and put Dolores’ mind in it. In a flashback, the host version of Hale approaches the real Hale in the Mesa: “You wanted to live forever. Be careful what you wish for.” Strand and his team never actually met the real Charlotte Hale: Dolores killed and replaced human Hale before Strand arrived.

Back in the present, Hale, now revealed to be Dolores in a new body, kills Strand and Costa and changes the coordinates of the data package containing the hosts and their Eden to “a place no one will find them.”


Killed By

In order to not let humans destroy his kind, Bernard mixes his own memories up to make them inaccessible to others which would start a chain of events leading to successful replacement of Charlotte Hale by Dolores without any living witnesses.

At the Forge, after Bernard finally puts his memories in order, Dolores in Hale's body shoots all humans in the room including Antoine and Karl to change the coordinates of the data package containing the hosts and their Eden to “a place no one will find them.”


Costa is shown to be very loyal to Strand, doing everything he can to gather information about the hosts and their data. He apparently has experience with hosts, and seems to prefer to work with hosts in a sterile environment, proven by the scene where has to investigate the brain of a member of Ghost Nation.



  • Antoine is a French given name that could mean beyond praise or highly praiseworthy.
  • Costa is an Italian, Portuguese, Galician, Spanish and Catalan surname.


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