The Argos Initiative appears to be the development project formed by Robert Ford and Arnold Weber that would later, with the funding of Delos Incorporated , evolve into the larger Delos Destinations, which developed Westworld and the other parks. Whether Argos Initiative is the formal name of their artificial intelligence/robotics project itself, or venture capital partners in business with them, is not yet clear.

By the time the Initiative was ready to pitch to potential investors, such as Delos, dozens of hosts were already created, including the hosts who would later play the roles of Dolores Abernathy, Clementine PennyfeatherAngelaAkecheta, and Craddock. These hosts took part in the demonstration to Logan Delos[1].


  • "Argos Initiative" shares the same initials as "Artificial Intelligence"
  • The ancient city of Argos is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world and was believed to be the birthplace of the mythological character Perseus, the son of the god Zeus and Danaë, who was the daughter of the king of Argos, Acrisius.
  • Argos may be a reference to John Ford's "Argosy Years". John Ford was a famed director of classic Westerns from pre-World War II. Ford declined a lucrative contract from 20th Centruy Fox to embark on his own endeavor, deamed the "Argosy Years". Three films came out of this project but it ultimately ended quickly and Ford did end up working with the major studios once again.

Notable Employees


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