Ash James is a character who debuted in in the third season of Westworld. She is portrayed by Lena Waithe.



Ash is a criminal who works through Rico app to make money for her living.


Season ThreeEdit

Ash is a close friend of Giggles, and the two often pick up jobs together on the RICO app; sometimes, these jobs are in cooperation with Caleb Nichols. She later becomes intertwined with the release of the Incite Inc. data, and kills Liam as a result of this.

Later, she is involved in the rioting around the Incite building, and helps Caleb get closer to the building in a bid to carry out Dolores Abernathy's plan.[1]

"Parce Domine"Edit


"Crisis Theory"Edit

Related CasualtiesEdit

This list shows the victims Ash has killed:


Ash is hot-tempered, yet a very caring person. She risks her life and reputation in order to contribute into her brother Harrison's future.


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