The Bagger 293 is a giant bucket-wheel excavator. It represent the excavator used by the Locations & Constructions Department in terraforming Westworld.


Bagger 293 is 96 metres (314.9 feet) tall, 225 metres (738.2 feet) long. It weighs 14,200 tons (31.3 million pounds), and requires five people to operate. It is powered by an external power source providing 16.56 megawatts. The bucket-wheel itself is over 21.3 metres (69.9 feet) in diameter with 18 buckets, each of which can hold over 15 m3 (529.7 cu ft) of material. It can move 240,000 m3 (8,500,000 cu ft) or 218,880 tons of soil per day.


The real world vehicle is manufactured by the German company TAKRAF, a former East German Kombinat. It is used in a brown coal mine near Hambach in Germany. It is considered to be one of the largest land vehicles in the world.


Like the real world vehicle, the superstructure of the Bagger 293 in Westworld consists of two sets of large rotating wheels and three booms, one for cutting, one for counterweight, and one for discharge. 

The modifications carried out on the series' version of the vehicle are the movement systems, which give it a more futuristic look.

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