The Behavior Lab and Diagnostics division of the Mesa Hub is where hosts are brought to be trained, diagnosed, analyzed, and updated. The division contains two departments, Host Behavior (managing hosts portraying human characters) and Animal Host Behavior (managing hosts portraying animals). [1]

Bernard Lowe is the head of this division of Westworld. Elsie Hughes is one of the Behavior technicians who works under Bernard Lowe in the Host Behavior department. Dr. Robert Ford makes visits to Behavior Lab and Diagnostics floors to check up on the hosts.

Elsie and Bernard are programmers, but Quality Assurance also employs programmers. Charlotte Hale instructs Lee Sizemore to program the decommissioned Peter Abernathy host.


The Behavior Department is the caretaker of host control units, or "brains", and completes programming. The department is divided into two teams: Host Behavior and Animal Host Behavior.

Westworld Corporate Guidebook, p. 8, "Host Behavior" ,

Technicians working on Host Behavior are responsible for representing the full range of human experience and the complexity of emotion through simulated cognition. The department works with Narrative to ensure that hosts are complete characters with rich basckstories, gestures and mannerisms. As our hosts become more and more lifelike, the completely immersive park experience only improves.

Westworld Corporate Guidebook, p. 8, "Host Behavior" ,

The "lesser species" are the foundation of our host models and come with complexities and challenges of their own. As Animal Host Behavior Labs are on the same floor as Host Behavior Labs, please make sure to keep track of your belongings.

Westworld Corporate Guidebook, p. 9, "Animal Host Behavior" ,


Hosts in Diagnostics

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