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You are the perfect instrument, the ideal partner, the way any tool partners with the hand that wields it. Together, we're going to do great things. After such an long absence, it's good to have you back, finally.

–Robert Ford about Bernard, in "The Well-Tempered Clavier"

Bernard Lowe is a main character in HBO's Westworld, played by Jeffrey Wright.



Some years after Arnold died, Bernard was created by Dr. Robert Ford. Ford programmed Bernard to think of himself as a human. Bernard worked as a member of staff collaborating closely with Dr Robert Ford.[1] Bernard was unaware that he was a host initially, and worked as the head of Delos' Westworld Programming Division — his host status is eventually revealed by Ford, much to Bernard (and Delos') surprise.


Dr. Robert Ford created Bernard with the help of Dolores Abernathy, as a replica of his former partner, Arnold Weber. Ford tells Bernard, in the episode "Trace Decay", that he created Bernard because Ford's human staff was not up to the task of programming emotions in hosts as effectively as Ford and Arnold.


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Related Casualties

This list shows the victims Bernard has killed:


Bernard has human-like emotions. Until instructed to turn 'off' his emotions, he was distraught about being forced to murder his co-worker and lover, Theresa Cullen. He was also horrified about being used to presumably murder his co-worker, Elsie Hughes.


Robert Ford

Before it was revealed that Bernard was a recreation of Arnold, Bernard and Robert had a good relationship. Bernard respected Robert to the extent that he would 'cover up' for him in relation to the reveries. Once it was revealed that Robert had created him, their relationship, understandably, deteriorated.

Elsie Hughes

Bernard worked closely with Elsie, and it appears that they have a good working relationship, if not a good friendship outside of work. Bernard appeared genuinely distraught when the memories of what he believed was her murder resurfaced and that he was the one responsible. He was ultimately relieved when he found out he had merely captured her, although Elsie had some trouble trusting him after learning he was a host and thus had been susceptible to Ford's commands. After Ford took over his mind, Bernard went to great lengths to ignore his creators' orders to get rid of Elsie, first sending her off so she wouldn't get hurt, and later attempting to delete Ford from his mind when he ordered Bernard to make the choice to kill her. Eventually, Bernard realize he could not trust himself to not hurt Elsie and instead abandoned her in the park with some resources for survival until QA could pick her up.


Bernard appears to have a good relationship with his ex-wife, Lauren, who is the mother of his deceased son, Charlie. Whether it is Bernard or Arnold (or both of them) who has had conversations with Lauren via the communications room at the Mesa Hub is unclear.

In the episode "Trace Decay", Robert Ford told Bernard that Lauren and his son Charlie were just part of Bernard's backstory, and didn't actually exist.

Theresa Cullen

Bernard was in a clandestine relationship with Theresa Cullen shortly before he murdered her. He loved her, and was greatly distressed when he realized he had been used to kill her.


Have you ever questioned the nature of your reality?

–Bernard Lowe to Dolores, in "The Original"

Known Deaths

Bernard had died 2 times on screen. The incidents which he died are as follow:



  • Bernard was used as a weapon multiple times. He was commanded to attack and kidnap Elsie Hughes as well to avoid her revealing Ford's plans for his new narrative, although he was initially led to believe he had killed her.


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