Brigham is a minor character in HBO's Westworld. He is a host and high ranking officer of the Confederados.



Nothing is known about Brigham's narrative and story except that he is the leader of Confederados.


Season TwoEdit

"Virtù e Fortuna"Edit

Dolores and her posse await outside of a fort's walls as the fort's commandant — a colonel — approaches through the gates, accompanied by a fanfare and 21-gun salute. Dolores introduces herself to the colonel by saying, "Call me Wyatt." The colonel is doubtful, replying, "You're Wyatt?" The Confederados' major that Dolores brought with her explains to the colonel that "Wyatt" knows of an attack from the east that will come in the morning. Dolores attempts to convince the colonel to combine his men with hers, and they'll be assured of victory against the coming invaders.

The colonel is skeptical until Dolores brings the human security member forward she took as a hostage, still with the residue of plaster cast compound on his face. She tells the colonel that more like him will be part of the attack, and gives the colonel the security man's submachine gun.

Angela, formerly the park's greeter and now one of Dolores's posse, tells the security man she'll let him live if he makes it over the ridge. As he starts to run toward the ridge, Brigham fires off a few rounds at his back, killing him.

The colonel looks at Dolores. "Wyatt," he grins, "Welcome to Fort Forlorn Hope."

Later, as morning rises at the fort, a small advance scout team of Confederados returns to report to the colonel that the invading troops are indeed approaching from the east. The scout adds, "And sir... they're coming up from the ground."

The colonel explains to Dolores (Wyatt) that his men have buried nitroglycerin in front of the fort in three places. Dolores instructs the colonel to have his men hold their ground outside the fort until the last possible moment and then retreat inside the gates.

The Confederados' antiquated weaponry is no match for the advanced automatic weapons of the security force, and the soldiers posted outside the gate begin to fall back as they start to incur heavy losses. The colonel exhorts his men to hold their ground as the security teams advance on the fort.

Outside the front gate, the security force is nearing the point where the nitro is buried. The colonel orders his men to retreat inside the fort's gate, but Dolores's posse has closed the gate and locked it from the inside.

When the Delos force comes within range of the nitroglycerin cache, Angela shoots the nearest cache, igniting them all and sending the security force flying through the air in a hail of dirt and debris, including devastated Brigham.


Destroyed By

Obeying Dolores' order, Angela shoots a dynamite barrel which triggers massive explosion because of which Brigham dies.

Related CasualtiesEdit

This list shows the victims Brigham has killed:


A hardened military officer, who in the beginning did not trust Dolores but later 



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