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Brompton is a member of the Delos Board.


Season Three

"Parce Domine"

Brompton was present in a meeting of the Delos Board as a hologram. He preferred for Delos Incorporated to stay with its main businesses (biomechanics and agricultural technology), and sever of the parks division, due to the costly Host Uprising.

He was against the the idea of private equity proposed by "Charlotte Hale". He was also disturbed in the way she responded to the deaths of the board members and staff, and his hologram was silenced by her before he could argue further.

"The Absence of Field"

Brompton, alongside Elliot, had discovered that there is a leak within Delos: QA had discovered several missing Host Control Units, including that of Maeve Millay.

He speculated that the leak was high-ranking employee within Delos, who also helps Engerraund Serac in buying out the company.

He hoped that "Charlotte Hale" would have some idea onf who this mole would be.

He also later discovered a secret broadcast from the real Charlotte Elizabeth Hale, which she had sent to her son Nathan during the first night of the Host Uprising.


Brampton met Hale on her way into the office and walked with her. They were attempting to stop Serac's takeover of Delos Incorporated and Brampton had called a board meeting. He reassured Hale that, between them, they would have enough votes to get the result they wanted.

Walking through the grounds they were intercepted by two men dressed as gardeners. One of them moved Hale out of the way whilst the other killed Brampton with a shot to the head and bundled his body into the large grass collector of an automated mowing machine. Hale was handed a phone with a call to Serac already active on it and the two men left with the mower.


Killed By

Serac had Brompton shot in the head by his operatives after finding out that he was secrectly trying to convene a board meeting to privatize Delos (at Hale's behest).


Brompton is competent and logical businessman, who saw that Delos' future in the main business, and that the company should get away from the controversial Host Uprising, which was bad for the image of the company and shocking.