Thank you... You're a good boy. Who are you?

–Caleb's Mom to his son after he comes to visit her, in "The Absence of Field"

Caleb's Mother (name unknown) is a minor character in HBO's Westworld.



Little is known about Caleb's Mother's past, except the fact that she has a personality disorder, presumably schizophrenia, which started to show itself since Caleb's childhood.


Season ThreeEdit

"Parce Domine"Edit

Caleb visits his mother in hospital. She is unable to recognize him, however, and he is quickly alerted by the staff that she must be moved because of the costs associated with her care. Walking home, Caleb chooses illegal jobs from an app, RICO, that lists various crimes that he can commit for money.

"The Absence of Field"Edit

Once again at the hospital, Caleb brings his mother her favorite books and tells her that he is going away for a while, but she will receive the best treatment; his mother doesn't recognize him and asks who he is. He tells her that he is her son but she doesn't understand.

When Dolores Abernathy takes Caleb to a cafe to have a dinner, she orderds the same meal Caleb always has once a year on every February 23. In Caleb's flashback, it is revealed that on that day Caleb's mother brought him to the same cafe and ordered the meal. Right after, she silently stood up and left the cafe without returning. 


Caleb NicholsEdit

Caleb does everything to help his mother despite her mental illness and the incident on February 23. Moreover, he makes additional money on side jobs via RICO to pay her hospital bills. 


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