Carriages are traditional, animal-drawn land vehicles, a simple means of transport for people and certain special types of cargo, such as mail. They are purely mechanical vehicles, with no propulsion of their own, requiring beasts of burden for movement. They are usually horse-drawn.

Carriages are constructed mostly of carefully fabricated wooden and metal parts. Enclosed passenger carriages also tend to have smaller glass windows. Unlike the simpler wagons, passenger carriages in particular tend to come with more fancier amenities, such as better suspension, enclosed seating for passengers, more comfortable seats with upholstery, etc. Unlike wagons, which due to their simplicity tend to be home-brewn vehicles built by individuals on their own, carriages are generally manufactured by professional coachbuilders (including whole coachbuilder companies).

In both the Westworld film series and the Westworld TV series, carriages make several appearances, primarily in the titular Westworld park itself. They come in a variety of period forms, reflecting the needs of Old West settlers and period transportation companies. The vast majority are depicted as four-wheeled vehicles.

Westworld (1973)[edit | edit source]

In the film, after protagonists Peter and John prepare in the visitor hub of the Delos resort, they travel to Westworld aboard a period stagecoach (also "stage wagon"). This is a direct equivalent to the period steam train used in the later HBO TV series, right down to a female passenger complimenting the look of the town after exiting the stagecoach/train. The title "Wells Fargo & Company" is included in the livery of the stagecoach, above the doors of the passenger compartment.

While admiring the main street of the town after disembarking from the stagecoach, one part of the street's daily hustle and bustle noticed by Peter and John includes a middle-aged couple riding through town in a horse buggy (a.k.a. "horse and buggy").

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  • Wagons - Simpler and more utilitarian wheeled, horse-drawn vehicles.
  • Howdah - A carriage-like traditional vehicle, carried on the back of an elephant.

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