Why don't you just go on upstairs and we'll reckon accounts later.

–Miss Carrie inviting Peter and John to use her services

Miss Carrie is a brothel madam in Westworld (1973) park. She is played by Majel Barrett.

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Westworld (film)[edit | edit source]

Miss Carrie sees Peter and John at her brothel and offers them Arlette and Cindy. After they accept the offer and go upstairs, a bank robbery begins outdoors. She calmly comforts the four that there's nothing to be afraid of, as it is a common thing. Later, when the guests come downstairs and the fight at the brothel begins, Miss Carrie crashes a bottle on a visitor's head and watches the scene behind the bar, in safety.
Horrified by the damage done to her brothel, she takes a bottle of alcohol to drink.

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