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Why don't you just go on upstairs and we'll reckon accounts later.

–Miss Carrie inviting Peter and John to use her services

Miss Carrie is a brothel madam in Westworld (1973) park. She is played by Majel Barrett.


Westworld (film)

Miss Carrie sees Peter and John at her brothel and offers them Arlette and Cindy. After they accept the offer and go upstairs, a bank robbery begins outdoors. She calmly comforts the four that there's nothing to be afraid of, as it is a common thing. Later, when the guests come downstairs and the fight at the brothel begins, Miss Carrie crashes a bottle on a visitor's head and watches the scene behind the bar, in safety.
Horrified by the damage done to her brothel, she takes a bottle of alcohol to drink.




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