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Category for various vehicles appearing in the Westworld films and the Westworld TV series.

This category includes both period vehicles and modern day vehicles, animal-drawn or motorised.

Vehicles used in parks' narratives

  • Car - used in Warworld
  • Carriage - used in Westworld
  • Howdah - used in The Raj
  • Motorcycle - used in Warworld
  • Palanquin - used in Shōgunworld
  • Plane - used in Warworld
  • Rickshaw - used in The Raj
  • Riverboat- mentioned by a guest as being used in Westworld
  • Steam-engined train - used in Westworld to transport guests from the Mesa to the rest of the park
  • Sidecar - used in Warworld
  • Tank - used in Warworld
  • Truck - used in Warworld
  • Wagon - used in Westworld

Vehicles used by Delos personnel in the parks

Vehicles used outside the parks

  • Passenger drone - methods of lift undetermined, resembles the hovercraft in the 1973 Westworld film in appearance
  • Self-driving car - seen being used in an urban area
  • Self-driving motorcycle - seen being used in an urban area
  • Electric Moped - seen parked and used in urban areas. The bike is a Rumble V3 by @rumblemotors

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