This category contains the weapons used in Westworld, those used by guests, hosts, and staff.

According to the official website...

Westworld wouldn’t be as thrilling if the guns weren’t loaded. Humans can be shot, but you are under no serious risk of injury or death; our guns feature low-velocity technology which feels closer to paintballs than bullets. You will either get better at ducking or grow accustomed to the impact.

You won’t be in any physical danger at Westworld, though the further you get from Sweetwater, the rowdier things can get. The park only has one rule: You cannot hurt another human, but the hosts are fair game.

Within the confines of the park, you will never be in any risk of bodily harm. In fact, our Good Samaritan reflexes as good as guarantee it.

– website

This seems to imply that even the knives have safety-technology built into them which protects humans. And if you were to wield a rock or stick towards another human, the hosts around you would interrupt their narratives to protect the humans as "good samaritans"...

One other hint about knives was provided when Stubbs, the head of security, talks about guests sneaking in pocket knives. If machetes and giant knives were all around the park, then why would a pocket knife be a concern? Obviously, the knives in the park are not the same as normal knives.

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