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Our interest in this place is entirely in the intellectual property. The code.

–Charlotte Hale

Charlotte Hale is a main character in Westworld. She is the former Executive Director of the board of Delos Destinations, Inc. She is separated from her husband Jacob Reed with whom she has a son, Nathan Hale. They share custody of Nathan.



Charlotte is an executive director of Delos who was sent to the Westworld park to deal with the Host Uprising.

Later, host replica of Charlotte Hale was created by Bernard Lowe to carry a version of Dolores Abernathy, who he had "killed" in the Forge.[1] Whilst not identified as Dolores initially, Dolores killed the real Charlotte Hale and assumed her identity in order to leave the parks for the mainland. Once there, Dolores built her own body using the construction machine at Arnold's house and had her control unit transferred into it.

Later, it was revealed that the host masquerading as Hale was one of several copies of Dolores. "Halores", the host pretending to be Hale, assumed Hale's own position as the CEO of the Delos Board.


Season 1[]

Season 2[]

Season 3 (as host)[]


Killed By

In order to not let humans destroy his kind, Bernard transfers Dolores' pearl to newly created Hale's body to help her steal Hale's personality.

Dolores shoots Charlotte in the head in order to steal Hale's identity and leave the park.

Related Casualties[]

This list shows the victims Charlotte has killed:

This list shows the victims Dolores has killed while disguised as Charlotte:

This list shows the victims Dolores' copy in Charlotte Hale's body has killed:


Hale is very intelligent and calculating; a senior manager of a large corporation at a young age. In Season One she suggests the plan to stage a demonstration of the Hosts' instability and humiliate Ford, and she seems to be willing to go to any lengths to get Ford removed from the park.

She is comfortable using the Hosts as it suits her, she has sex with the bandit Hector and lets Clementine get beaten up to achieve her goal.

Hale can behave callously, she fires Bernard Lowe without hesitation after he takes blame for Robert Ford's faulty code.

She dresses carefully and is often seen adjusting her hair, or checking her reflection.


Bernard Lowe[]

Despite firing him without hesitation when he takes the blame for a software upgrade that went wrong, Hale appears to trust Bernard when physical danger threatens. This is until she discovers his true nature as a host and relentlessly tortures him to gain information.

Hector Escaton[]

Hale has Hector sent to her and has sex with him in her room. He appears to be a favourite of hers.

Man in Black[]

Hale had a working relationship with William, with a high level of trust between the two. William trusted Hale enough for him to pass his executive powers to her whilst seeking to find the centre of the maze. He is unaware, however, that Hale is the mole within Delos.

Theresa Cullen[]

Theresa and Charlotte work together to get Ford removed from the park. They seem to be on good terms, having long meetings to formulate plans. It's notable that Hale deliberately makes Cullen uncomfortable by answering the door to her room naked, having just had sex with the host Hector.


Host version:


  • Hale was the mole within Delos, acting as both the mole for Engerraund Serac and as the executive director.
  • The host version of Hale is known on-set as "Halores" — an amalgamation of "Hale" and "Dolores" — to distinguish Thompson's performance from both her own character and Evan Rachel Wood's character.
    • Wood consulted heavily on Thompson's performance, providing audio recordings of herself reading Halores's lines and offering tips on some of Dolores's movements which Thompson emulated.[2]


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