The Passenger

Bernard Lowe creates the host's body after he shoots Dolores Abernathy whilst in The Forge.

Dolores, wearing this body, kills Charlotte Hale and takes her place. She then kills Karl Strand, a PMC, Antoine Costa. She uploads Teddy Flood into "the new world", she has his pearl with her, and then changes the coordinates of the target for transmitting the data, and then kills Bernard Lowe himself before heading to the beach so that she can leave the park.

On the beach she encounters the security teams performing checks for host by testing for the C6 explosive bolt, which she doesn't have. Stubbs talks to her for a minute and lets her know that he is a host himself, and that he knows she is - and that he's letting her pass. She gets into the boat, with what seem to be other board members, and leaves.

At Arnold Weber's house on the mainland, she finds a host printer which she uses to recreate Dolores's body and transfers into that.

An unknown host, wearing the host body, watches Dolores as she interviews a recreated Bernard Lowe and then leaves with Dolores.

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