Don't want?! I made you a survivor when everyone else wanted you to be weak! That's why you're still alive... You need me!

–Chelsea Brannon to Kate, after she refuses to help her, in "Independent Variable"

Chelsea Brannon is a main character in VR game Westworld Awakening.

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She's a narrative writer in charge of designing Kate and Hank's narrative. 

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Westworld Awakening[edit | edit source]

"Rabbit's Snare"[edit | edit source]

After getting killed by Hank, Kate gets activated by Chelsea, who starts to argue with Aaron. He claims the killer should've had a knife, but Chelsea says it's not a good idea. The tech points out he tries to resurrect Kate's narrative by that, since no one from guests seems to interact with her lately. He still gives the killer bigger knife and suggests change Kate's outfit to something with a low-cut.

Once again in the lab, Lyle proposes to set Hank's pain reception to zero to make him more resistant and dangerous. Brannon notices Kate will get killed off to early and that she has to be a survivor. He rebuts, saying her role is to the "damsel in distress" who agrees to have sex with anyone who rescues her. Brannon tells him that if guests want something easy, they can visit Mariposa Saloon instead.

"Critical Incident"[edit | edit source]

After waking up, Kate Wesson stands up and enters Mesa's overrun intertwined corridors. She sees a glass room, from which a Chelsea's voice is heard.

After entering the room, she sees a man murdered with an axe. The voice continues to be emitted from an earpiece on his table. She picks it up. The woman introduces herself as Brannon, asking where Lyle is. Kate answers he's been murdered and Brannon grumbles about his death being so untimely. Kate asks where did she wake up, but Brannon evades her question. She tells Kate she's trapped two floors below at the arrivals and that she may help her.

The power supply room.

Kate walks out of the Narrative Offices and tries to find the elevator to help Ms. Brannon after taking a tablet with her to open locked doors. However, the elevator can't be used since the system blocks it because of the electrical hazard. Thus, Kate has to cut the electricity on that level. In her search, Kate notices the people on the floor aren't from Sweetwater. She asks if this place is some kind of purgatory and the tech answers affirmatively. She finds that floor's power supply and Brannon advises not to touch them. The breaker box, however, is located behind a door with a higher security level. Brannon gets upset Kate won't proceed, but quickly realizes the dead bodies can have tablets on them. Brannon also suggests to use the tablet as a scanner of exposed wires which may help Kate locating obscure things. Kate goes and scans the tablet to get higher permission level.

Kate needs to find a utility key to use the breaker box.

After entering the room with electrical blocks, Kate tells Brannon she can't activate the breaker box. Chelsea says she has to find a utility key shaped like a horseshoe, insert it, then twist, and that it must be in a yellow-striped box. Kate finds it and finally turns the electricity off. Kate escapes the offices by using another utility key to open the next door.

Hank sees Kate.

However, she hears a familiar whistle. Hank appears briefly and is preparing to chase Kate just as a door closes on him. He starts to bang on the door when Brannon orders terrified Kate to find some hosts to distract him with. Kate takes right and finds couple of rooms with hosts. In the very last one, she finds two people whom she recognizes - a bounty hunter Houston Hart and a town preacher Emmett Garson. Kate is frightened by the fact they're frozen and Brannon tells her to scan them.

Kate controls hosts to under Brannon's orders to confuse Hank.

The hosts activate and play their usual narrative where the hunter visits the preacher to confess about his suspicions that her wife behaves unusual because she's visiting the church too often. The preacher says there's no bad about that. They freeze again as Chelsea tells Kate to modify their emotions. Kate lowers Houston's trust, and highers his hostility & suspicion. Then, she brings Emmett's evasiveness down, whereas his jealousy gets brought up. After the changes, the two engage in a fight since Hart realizes his wife cheats on him with Garson, and Hart gets shot but the preacher in chest. Satisfied with the result, Brannon orders Kate to leave since Hank's going to come for the sound. Kate, terrified by what she's done, leaves.

Houston and Emmett fight.

Kate again uses her tablet to find the way out. She finds a room with big pipes and squeezes through them. Another locked door, another utility key to be found. In process, Kate asks Brannon where does she know Hank from, but the technician tells her it's not important now. When Kate opens the final door, white smoke comes down and spreads fast. Kate coughs, which reveals her location to Hank. Hank is equipped with an axe and will swing it if he catches up with Kate, laughing and whistling in process. The chase eventually leads to the elevator, which is closed due to electricity loss. Kate has to find couple of switches, which she can scan, and utility keys to open and activate the elevator while being haunted by Hank. The tablet may be used to find the location of the switches, highlighted with yellow color, or the location of Hank, highlighted with red.

When both levers are pulled, the elevator becomes active and Kate can enter it. After she's inside, the cabin gets banged on, and Hank's axe is seen between the doors.

"Independent Variable"[edit | edit source]

While Kate is inside the elevator Hank tried to break into, she is wondering how he's able to find her, and Chelsea tells her he has an innate ability to track her down. When the elevator stops, Kate walks out on a new floor filled with dead human bodies. Brannon tells she went up instead of down. As Kate goes forward, her earpiece starts to malfunction and Brannon's voice cuts out. As Kate tries to open a door but fails, it suddenly goes green and opens. A man, who was probably responsible for cutting off Brannon's line, tells Kate to hide.

As Jay tells Kate to leave from Ford's nook, a phone rings. Brannon's voice is heard and she seems happy to reunite with Kate. She explains something's blocking her from calling her earpiece and Ford's private line was her last hope to reach her. However, Kate starts asking about her previous builds. She claims Chelsea was lying to her all the time. Chelsea replies she's trapped and is going to be killed by the hosts and that Kate's purpose is to help her. The host says she doesn't want to be the person she made her to be. Chelsea claims that she made her a survivor whereas others wanted her to be a victim just as Jay cuts her line off.

"The Blood of Others"[edit | edit source]

"Folie Imposée"[edit | edit source]

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