Claire Unabia is an actress and model who plays Juliet in HBO's Westworld.


  • Juliet's image was initially sourced from a Getty stock photo licensed by the production company. The model in the image is Claire Unabia, who appeared on America's Next Top Model. Unabia confirmed her identity to The Huffington Post via e-mail, writing that it was "So cool to find that I am a character on ‘Westworld’ unbeknownst to me!" She estimated that the photo was probably taken about 4 years ago. Spotted by reddit user 2EyedRaven
  • Unabia later had the opportunity to play Juliet in person in Reunion. In an interview with Huffington Post, she explained HBO contacted her, with some difficulty, after Season 1 had finished airing. Upon arriving on the set, she met a director who, thinking he knew her, started a conversation with her only to suddenly exclaim a few minutes later, "Oh my gosh! You're from the picture!"
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