Cold Storage is on floor B83 (B83 is a sub-level) within the Mesa Hub. This is where decommissioned Hosts are stored.

Hosts in Cold Storage have been disabled with a "lobotomy" before being left here.[1]

Notable Inhabitants

  • Old Bill - the second host ever created{{cite}; he is malfunctioning and outdated.
  • Old Peter Abernathy - decommissioned due to core code corruption in The Original after being recalled because of a possibly faulty update.
  • Old Walter - decommissioned due to extremely aberrant behavior in The Original, and memory recall of previous builds.
  • Old Clementine - decommissioned due to attacking and 'killing' a tech that was presented to her as a human in Trompe L'Oeil.

Season One

The Original

Dr. Robert Ford spends some time talking to an old first generation host, Old Bill.

Peter Abernathy and Walter are decommissioned at the same time.[2]


Dr. Ford is again in Cold Storage, sharing a drink and talking with Old Bill.

The Well-Tempered Clavier

Dr. Ford walks through the Cold Storage on his way to speak with Bernard (after Bernard requests a meeting).


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  2. The Original
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