Contrapasso is the fifth episode of Westworld, and the fifth episode of the first season. The episode was co-written by Lisa Joy & Dominic Mitchell, and directed by Jonny Campbell.


A perilous mission awaits Dolores, William and Logan once they arrive in the amoral town of Pariah. Meanwhile, the Man in Black finds an improbable partner in his crusade.

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The title

  • Contrapasso refers to Hell's punishment of souls for sin in Dante's Inferno, the first part of Dante epic 14th-century poem. Souls are punished either with the sin itself, or with its opposite.
For example, in the 8th circle of Hell sorcerers, astrologers, and false prophets have their heads twisted around on their bodies backward, so that they had to walk backwards, because they could not see ahead of them. All of these people claim to be able to see the future, to see in front of them - but in Hell they are forced to walk backwards.
Dante didn't invent this, he got the idea and name from Saint Thomas Aquinas' massive work Summa Theologica and other, older, literary sources.


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