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Doesn't matter what I've been. Good or bad. Everything we've done has led to this... and I finally understand my purpose. I'm the good guy.


"Decoherence" is the sixth episode of the third season of Westworld, and the twenty-sixth episode overall.


Do a lot of people tell you that you need therapy?




We see Maeve and her daughter in on a simulated plain, the daughter disappears leaving Maeve on her own. Serac appears and they talk about hosts only having a present. He wants her to kill Dolores and and she says she wants what Dolores has - "help" - he says he can give her what she wants, but if she fails again he will put her in a less pleasant environment

Maeve wakes in the WWII simulation . She goes to the town square where the Nazis are looking for partisans, she interrupts and makes the soldiers put their weapons down. She challenges them to fight her, killing them as they come at her.


A man is sitting in a group therapy session with other people, including William, dressed the same way: he says that he has his routine but he's not really there. The therapist asks if he's been using the coping mechanisms. William is scornful. He says humanity is bacteria on the earth and that God, if he exists, would be angry with them. He says that humanity is only there to destroy the world, one of the other patients sobs and the first man challenges William.

In a private session with the therapist, William is asked about his daughter. It emerges that he hasn't admitting to killing his daughter. Her phone interrupts her with the message that her profile is ready to be viewed.

She suggest PTSD therapy. William says he doesn't need it but doesn't have a response when she asks if he's having intrusive thoughts. She says that he needs to explore and not run from the truth of what happened. He says he doesn't need it, that he didn't mean what happened, that he thought he was still in a game. He realises now that it was his daughter he killed and says that he deserves to be dead.

He realises that the therapist is looking at her phone and crying. Her profile, that she's reading on her phone and which is now public, says that she will lose her license to practice within 2 years and that she's a risk for affairs with her patients and opioid addiction - a message from her husband says that he's taken the children and that she's not to try and contact them. She apologises to William and leaves.

In a medical facility, two technicians are taking samples from William who is strapped down on a bed, one complains that half of the staff have disappeared and that it's not safe. They detect an unknown protein in his blood sample. They install a drip in the roof of his mouth without anaesthetic; it is very painful. They use the drip to administer a dose of Desert Oasis to calm him.

He is walked back to his room in a strait jacket and sees his therapist hang herself over her desk. The men with him don't see and move him on.


San Francisco, USA. 9 arc degrees, Focal point: 37.7502oN, 122.4337oW

Sirens and chaos: Hale leads her son across the street past a crashed and abandoned automated car. Widespread disruption has followed the leak of Incite's data by Dolores. They arrive at Jake's flat and she asks him to have Nathan that day. She admits to being scared, to his surprise. He hasn't read his profile and thinks the future is their choice and not a machine's. They embrace.

Outside Hale heads to the office and a board meeting. Brompton walks with her, saying that have *just* enough votes. Two men kill Brompton, they dispose of his body and give Hale a phone, Serac apologises for the delay in intercepting communications between Brompton and the board. She's unhappy with a board member being killed in broad daylight, he replies that the chaos from the leak will cover everything up. He's is about to land at Delos - which he's about to buy.

Hale sits in a car, panicking, and calling Dolores, she tells Dolores about the murder and the impending sale, Dolores persuades Hale to go into Delos and get the host making data while she still can. Hale says she is worried about her family and Dolores reminds her that they're not her family. Dolores reassures Hale.

Serac arrives at Delos and is met by Hale. He immediately locks down the facility.


William is strapped into a chair by the two men who walked him out of the treatment room. They leave and Dr. Alpert enters, saying that he will be overseeing William's AR treatment. He fits AR glasses to William who sees a young boy come in and undo the straps - he wakes in the boy's bedroom - In William's childhood - he panics and has to be sedated.

Maeve & Sizemore[]

Maeve fights and kills the German soldiers - Sizemore watches from the edge of the square, she is surrounded by bodies now. He suggests a drink and takes her to a bar. He has programmed the simulation so that the staff don't see him. She tells him about her physical death and having to wait for a new body, and then sees the scene shift around her. She tells him they've "been moved." She watches through her mind's eye as a technician starts the print process for her "help."


Inside the Delos building, the company logo changes to Incite on all the displays. Serac prepares to destroy almost all of the company assets, Hale watches him. All he wants is the encryption key. He knows about the multiple copies of Dolores and wants everyone tested to find any in the company. As employees obey the annoying instruction to go for testing, she makes the way to an automated facility where she starts to download the host data. Elliot Bathanm challenges her and she says she's making a backup - and that Serac will thank her later. He disagrees and leaves to tell Serac - Hale kills him.


The Man in Black is in a padded cell - Craddock enters and says it's time for group therapy. The therapy turns out to be with multiple versions of himself during various ages - plus James Delos.

Child William finds it hard to believe he will turn out like this. The various versions of William argue about who was at fault. James says that the host he tormented for decades - Dolores - now wants to destroy the world. William in white stops the argument by James stops him.

Enter Hector[]

In Sub-Level B83, Incite employees find Hector and take his control unit - and say that they're going to destroy the rest.

Hector enters the bar as Ettore and is confused when Maeve says it's a simulation, she alters his code - making him Hector again. Maeve, Lee and Hector leave together.


Hale is at her desk - uploading data. The recipient server appears to look like the Man in Black. She also sees hosts being printed. There are several hosts being printed (Maeve, Clementine and others), as well as one pearl with damaged data. She calls Dolores, says they've found William and that Connells' pearl had been recovered.

Maeve & Dolores[]

Meave, Hector and Lee - in a sim of a Remote Diagnostic Facility, a copy of Dolores is sitting there nude, inactive. Maeve wakes her up and she recognises Maeve.


In therapy, James is needling Corporate William about his dark urges. James questions their version of events, Child William goes into his bedroom and his father is telling him off for getting into a fight at school. Young William asks if everything was predetermined.

William gets up.

Maeve & Dolores[]

Maeve talking to Dolores, says that Dolores has too much power - Dolores points out that Maeve can control hosts with her mind. She knows that Serac is destroying as many hosts as he can.

Dolores criticises Maeve for not trying for anyone not close to her - and for expecting Dolores to be perfect.


Hale prepares to leave, taking a gun from a wall safe. She calls Jake, saying she's coming for them, to stay inside and not answer the door. She's interrupted by news of a surprise board meeting. At the meeting a man is complaining abut Serac's actions, given they know nothing about him and he has just assumed control of the company.

Serac reveals that knows about Hale being a host and has her held. She reveals that she has already dismantled the company, however, and taken all of the valuable data. Serac, however, remarks that she hasn't, hinting that he was aware of her plans. We see the hosts in cold storage at the park being destroyed. Hale, having anticipated Serac's actions, brought poison gas to the meeting, and kills all of the board members except Serac, who is revealed to only be a projection; he mobilises security to catch Hale. She kills everyone sent to stop her, heading to R&D where hosts are being printed.

Maeve & Dolores[]

Maeve asks Dolores how she can be sure the others are safe - Dolores says there's noting she can say to convince her. Maeve asks what Dolores prime's plans are and Dolores says she would be stopping Maeve getting any help.

With her new found abilities, Maeve is able to access Delos' infrastructure and view the security footage in the RDF. She watches as Hale targets Hector's pearl, and apologises to him moments before Hale crushes the pearl, permanently destroying Hector. Hale plans to do the same with Maeve's pearl, but is interrupted by armed guards; instead, she takes the control unit used to inject Dolores into the simulation and flees the scene.

In the corridor, however, she is cornered. Guards shoot at her, but stop almost instantly, remarking that Serac wants her unarmed. Fearing she is cornered, she uses her phone to activate one of the riot control droid, which assists her in escaping by killing most of the guards.

William, Bernard and Stubbs[]

William beats his younger self to death.

The therapy simulation in which William has been subjected has turned violent, and William has killed the majority of the participants. He finishes beating Young William to death whilst James Delos taunts him. The simulation ends abruptly, however, when Bernard and Ashley wake William, remarking that the employees forgot about him — he has presumably been within the simulation for days.


We see a host being printed. Maeve steps out of the tank and watches another being printed.

Hale, Nathan and Jake[]

Hale crawls from the fire.

Having escaped from Delos, Hale rushes home to her family, Nathan and Jake, putting them into a car and promising to keep them safe. She tells Jake that he needs to trust her, but that they need to get somewhere safe, with this, she begins to drive the car away. Moments later, the car explodes, killing Nathan and Jake instantly. Hale, however, crawls from the wreck and stares, horrified at the burning car.


  • Christian Stamm as Sauer
  • Jason McBeth as Father
  • Sadie Stratton as Mother
  • Troy Ian Hall as Levon
  • Solomon Brende as Orderly
  • Joseph Salazar as Worker
  • Eddie Perez as Nurse
  • Geri-Nikole Love as Nurse
  • Gregory Zarian as Reed Phillips
  • Annie Karstens as Female Tech
  • Dillan Howard Ostrom as QA Officer
  • Kimberly Woods as Hysterical woman
  • Scott Alexander Lang as Lead Delos Guard
  • Steven Allerick as Delos Guard
  • Angela Leib as Sobbing patient
  • Jasmyn Rae as Maeva's daughter

  • Deaths[]




    • "Decoherence" is a term in quantum mechanics defining particles split apart[1]. This refers to: Hale's host version, who separates from Dolores and develops a bond with her human family; William, who meets multiple versions of himself; the world, after Dolores leaked all the info about people's lives.
    • One of the hosts being printed at RDF appears to be Clementine Pennyfeather, as the ID numbers match each other.
      • Her appearance is likely due to the fact that Angela Sarafyan appeared at season three premiere.
    • It is now clear that Caleb Nichols underwent the same PTSD therapies as the Man in Black.
    • The toy given to Nathan by Charlotte is a callback to William's daughter loving elephants (who have become extinct at this point in time) which also foreshadows Nathan's death.

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