The Delos Board  were shareholders of Delos Incorporated, and therefore guided the actions of the Delos staff and ultimately, oversaw the happenings within the parks. Most of them were killed by Wyatt's gang.


The Delos Board had little intervention in the early days of the park. When Ford began his new narrative, however, they became increasingly involved in the parks actions and, through Theresa Cullen, warned Ford to stop the development of his narrative. Eventually, Charlotte Hale, the Executive Director of the Board visited Delos headquarters. She told Ford that the Board would no longer tolerate him and that night at the Gala, he would announce his final narrative and his resignation as Park Director.

Unbeknownst to Ford, Hale and Theresa — and the wider board — had been smuggling data out of Westworld, Delos' first park. They had planned to use the data to allow them to replicate human consciousness and therefore, live forever — several members of the board believed this would allow James Delos to return to the company, however this attempt failed.

It is later revealed that William transferred his executive board powers to Hale so that he could pursue Ford and Bernard's maze. Eventually, this impacted him negatively, as she became a mole within Delos and began a plan to smuggle host data out of the parks and sell it to Engerraund Serac; this plan was foiled, however, with the real Charlotte Hale's death.

Shortly after, in a bid to stop Serac coming for Delos — and in an effort to take the company private — Dolores (under the guise of Hale), had William institutionalised. With his incarceration, his voting powers on the board transferred to Hale.[1]

Coupled with Brompton's support — and the shares transferred from William — Hale believes they have enough support to take the company private, and arranges for another board member. Brompton is killed, however, to ensure Serac can assume control of the company.

Serac convenes the board and tells them that they will begin dismantling the company and destroying its assets immediately. Joanna believes this to be absurd, however, and remarks that they would be destroying over $1 trillion in intellectual property; nevertheless, Serac gives the order.

When Hale is found to be the Host within Delos, she is one step ahead of Serac, and kills all of the board members with a gas cannister, effectively leaving leadership to Engerraund Serac alone.[2]



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