The Delos Extraction Team is para-military organisation in Westworld. They appear to have been deployed two weeks after The Gala and first appear during Season Two.


After surviving the massacare at the Gala and relocating to a secret bunker, Charlotte Hale asked Delos HQ for an extraction team. Delos stated that no team would arrive until the "package"(Peter Abernathy loaded with the IP Charlotte Hale wanted to get out of the park) is sent to them.

Seven days later, Delta team led by Coughlin arrived on the Westworld island via plane. They managed assisted the local QA Forces and Technicians in getting the facility back online, but most if not all were wiped out Wyatt's gang by Wyatt's gang, who also destroyed the craddle. Charlotte Hale, Ashley Stubbs and a few members of QA managed to survive the battle.

Two weeks after the Gala, another team arrived on the island; this one was led by Karl Strand and consisted of dozens of [[]]'s, mercenaries including Maling, and technical staff (Antoine Costa). They reunited with Stubbs and Hale, and also discovered Beranrd Lowe. Currently they haven't suffered any casualities.

Notable Members Edit

  • Dozens/hundreds of Military Contractors



  • The assault riffles used by the Extraction Team don't seem to have any red markings, this may indicate that members are outside Military Contractor, they certainly don't appear to be members of the Westworld QA Security Force. The members also don't seem to have uniform clothing/equipment which may also indicate that they are mercenaries. The rifles used by the Extraction Team vary, but among them are:
  • The motor buggies used by the Extraction Team are slightly modified versions of Can-Am Maverick X3 UTVs (utility terrain vehicles). As with other UTVs, they have a "Side by Side" seating arrangement. The show version has a special wheel type with airless, reinforced tires, preventing the issue of flat tires. This is probably done to account for the rugged terrain in Westworld and the other parks, and to ensure the Extraction Team avoids vehicle repairs in case of a crisis and low supplies. [1] [2]

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