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Delos is the name of the theme park in 1973's Westworld and 1976's Futureworld. Similar to Disneyland or smaller theme parks, it initially contains three "worlds" or "resorts" (smaller parks): Medieval World, Roman World and Westworld.

Delos shuts down after the "turmoil" in Westworld. Chuck Browning spins the malfunction and disaster as being contained only with in Westworld. After two years and $1.5B Delos reopens, minus Westworld, but with the addition of two new worlds: Spa World and Futureworld, having replaced "every circuit, every program, every robot."



Outside World

Delos requires traveling by hovercraft over what seems to be a vast desert to reach its facilities.

Inside World

As seen from maps in Westworld, and from the chase scene, all Delos Parks are within walking (possibly extended) distance of each other. Park employees use golf carts and delivery vans to travel throughout the parks.


The Delos Logo is like the Yin-Yang, where as the Yin-Yang is two parts and black and white, the Delos logo is three parts, and red, yellow, and blue (representing Westworld). This is overlaid with a white, three-pronged equilateral symbol. Sometimes, this logo is encircled by the park's logotype and tagline.


The Vacation of the Future, Today!


As opposed to the nearly $40k/day near the beginning of Westworld's (TV) Westworld opening, Delos costs

  • $1000/day in Westworld,
  • $1200/day in Futureworld


Delos may also be the name of the company that owns/controls the theme park, but this is not made clear in the films.



  • Ed Ramsey
  • (Many) Unnamed Workmen
  • (Many) Unnamed Technicians
  • (Multiple) Unnamed Supervisors
    • Unnamed Chief Supervisor


  • Employee 1
  • Employee 2
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