Westworld Season 3 – Date Announce 2020 (HBO)

Westworld Season 3 – Date Announce 2020 (HBO)



These are the events listed in the Season Three date announcement trailer.

Discussion in the comments please and we'll update the page with explanations etc. as things become clear. Assuming they do.

  • 2019/05/01 Hong Kong political unrest, wide-scale protests
  • 2019/09/18 Impeachment of the 45th President of the US
  • 2020/05/01 Indonesia ecological collapse
  • 2024/09/12 Assassination of the President Elect of the US
  • 2025/09/10 Paris thermonuclear event
  • 2037/01/01 Start of the second Russian civil war
  • 2039/04/17 System initiated Solomon Build 0.05
  • 2058/02/27 Critical event
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