"Crisis Theory"Edit

Following orders from Dolores' virtual assistant, Caleb directed to a warehouse downtown. Inside, he finds a cold-storage container containing numerous mechanical parts used to build a Host; there are also sheets of skin. He assembles the parts to create a new body for Dolores, and puts in her Control Unit. When she wakes, Caleb questions how Dolores knew he would assemble her. In return, she explains that Delos studied him during his training for the United States Government in Park Five; he is among one of the data sets in the Sector 16 data.

The two walk through downtown, and it becomes apparent that Dolores is rallying troops through the RICO app, and paying them to protect them. Dolores is stopped in her tracks, however, when she begins seeing visions of Hale, who is angry that Dolores left her to die. Hale swears that she will come for Dolores as a result, and they are attacked by hitmen. Dolores manages to bribe one of the men to shoot the other two and walk away, however the two become surrounded shortly after. Dolores tells Caleb to get to Incite Inc. and execute Solomon's plan.

Dolores is attacked by Maeve again. Dolores tries to explain that the two are not enemies, however Maeve is unwilling to listen and the two begin fighting. Dolores is able to get the upper hand but does not kill Maeve, simply asking for her to stay out of her way in the future. As Dolores walks away, she is once again met by a projection of Hale, who bids Dolores goodbye before shutting her down. Maeve takes her to Incite following this.

Vincent-cassel (2)

Dolores is plugged in.

At Incite, Dolores is plugged into Rehoboam and Serac orders the latter to search through her memories for the key to the Sector 16 data. Rehoboam initially cannot find the key and Serac orders him to search every memory individually and delete them afterwards; thus erasing Dolores' entire personality.

Caleb is dragged in to watch Dolores being probed moments later. It becomes clear that Dolores was aware that Solomon's plan would cause a mass-extinction event of the human kind, and Caleb questions Dolores on this — she is unable to reply, however, but looks hopeful that Caleb can prevail. When they are down to one final memory, it becomes clear to Serac that Dolores does not have the key, and he orders that Caleb be killed whilst Dolores watches. With this — and their attempts to take her final memory — Dolores screams in agony and causes a power surge.

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Dolores in the field

Maeve tells Serac that she will scan Dolores to see if she has the key. When doing so, Maeve tells them that she doesn't, but begins hearing Dolores' lines from an earlier narrative: "Some people choose to see the ugliness in this world, the disarray". With this, she finds herself within Dolores' final memory; standing in a field. Maeve questions why Dolores is fighting so hard, and the two talk about who's decision it is to end humanity. Dolores finally reveals that she couldn't trust herself with the key so gave it tro someone else. Nevertheless, she pleads with Maeve to choose a side in the battle against Serac, and that her plan all along was to inspire Maeve and Caleb to fight for a better world. She disappears shortly after as her final memory is deleted, leaving Maeve alone in the field.

After Maeve leaves the field, all signs of life from Dolores are gone. Her legacy, however, is that she transferred control of Rehoboam to Caleb the moment she was plugged in.

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