"Decoherence" Edit

Hale calls Dolores panicking, she tells her about Brompton's murder and the impending sale of Delos, Dolores persuades Hale to go into Delos and get the host making data while she still can. Hale says she is worried about her family and Dolores reminds her that they're not her family. Dolores reassures Hale.

She calls Dolores from her desk, says they've found William and that Connells' pearl had been recovered.

Later, Meave, Hector and Lee - in a sim of a Remote Diagnostic Facility, a copy of Dolores is sitting there nude, inactive. Maeve wakes her up and she recognises Maeve.

Dolores, says that Dolores has too much power - Dolores points out that Maeve can control hosts with her mind. She knows that Serac is destroying as many hosts as he can.

Dolores criticises Maeve for not trying for anyone not close to her - and for expecting Dolores to be perfect.

Maeve asks Dolores how she can be sure the others are safe - Dolores says there's noting she can say to convince her. Maeve asks what Dolores prime's plans are and Dolores says she would be stopping Maeve getting any help.

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