"Journey Into Night" Edit

At an unknown point in time, Arnold talks to a fully clothed Dolores in the Remote Diagnostic Facility. She is relaxed and happy, she reminds him that he was telling her about a dream and he continues. She asks him about the dream, and about what is real, and he answers "That which is irreplaceable." She sees that he's not being completely honest and he confides that her potential for growth and change frightens him.

Two weeks after the massacre, a Delos security team sent to rescue the surviving guests and kill the hosts discovers a group of Ghost Nation hosts that have been killed. Antoine Costa opens one up to inspect his memories, and discovers he was killed by Dolores, who claimed in his final moments that he would not be able to make the journey into the real world.

In the past, a few hours into the uprising, Dolores hunts down party guests with Teddy Flood and Angela. She stands over a captured male guest, with two others are on a make-shift gallows made out of wooden cross grave-markers, and asks him "do you know where you are?". As the human pleads, she tell him that he is now in her dream. She then describes how the rancher's daughter has merged with her Wyatt persona to create something new, and that she intends to reveal to the hosts their true nature. Leaving with Teddy and other renegade hosts, the three captured humans plead for their lives and are left to their fate of probably self-strangulation. Dolores turns to go after looking back at them and says "Doesn't look like anything to me."

Sometime later, Teddy and Dolores talk as they look out from a high bluff into the park. Teddy expresses doubt about the violence they are committing, and if this is the actual choice Dolores wants. Dolores holds true to her belief that violence is the only answer, before telling Teddy that in the various memories she had wiped he was the only constant for her. Teddy tells her that they only need a small corner of the world to be together. But Dolores says they would never survive that way - and there is a "greater world out there, one that belongs to them (humans)" And that it would not be enough for them to win this world (Westworld) but that they will have to take that one from the humans as well. And that she knows how this story ends, "with us." Just then, Angela shows up on horseback to tell Dolores that "we found it". Upon hearing that, Dolores tells Teddy she needs to show him something. That she needs to "show him the truth."

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