"Les Écorchés" Edit

Dolores and her forces attack the Mesa. Inside, Dolores is saddened when she witnesses the degraded state her father, Abernathy is in. She tries to console him, but is interrupted by Hale who tries to control her with flattery; this falls however.

She reveals shortly after to Hale that she is aware the humans are trying to achieve immortality, similar to the hosts, however she notes that hosts are much more complicated and it is not that simple. She prepares to kill Hale, however is interrupted by simultaneous explosions and her father, who wakes and apologises the he could not protect her. The situation is emotional, however she eventually retrieves the key from Abernathy's head. Dolores believes that Maeve is too enslaved by the emotional attachments given to her by Delos, including the memories of her daughter. Maeve on the other hand, believes that Dolores is lost, but refuses Dolores' offer to kill her and end her misery.

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