"Parce Domine"Edit

Three months after the collapse of Delos' parks, Dolores is rounding up her business. She targets Gerald at his home in Behai whilst his partner is asleep. She tortures Gerald with the memory of his wife's death, whom it is assumed he physically abused. She later reveals that she knows Gerald did not delete all of the data he held on Delos and it's park despite being told to do so by Delos. She later indirectly causes Gerald's death when he tries to attack her but is met by a projection and slips.

Dolores Abernathy — Parce Domine

Dolores at the party.

Dolores arrives at a party hosted by Liam Dempsey Jr.; she wears a long, elegant gold dress. She greets Liam and it is revealed that she is going by the alias of "Lara". She talks with Penny — a friend of Liam's — but avoids answering when Penny begins asking questions about her past. She later agrees to return to the states with Liam when he asks.

In LA, Dolores and Liam talk about Incite Inc., with Dolores remarking that they control the city. Liam explains that they have the best AI, Rehoboam, and explains that the AI was built by his father. He explains to Dolores, however, that as much as he wishes, he cannot alter or shut down the AI as he has been locked out of the system.

During a talk with Liam, Dolores is ambushed and knocked unconscious by Martin Connells, Liam's advisor. Martin tells Liam that Dolores isn't who she says she is, and Martin promises to dispose of her. Martin kidnaps Dolores and takes her downtown. He tries to keep her sedated, but his plans are foiled and Martin is killed — Dolores late replaces him with a host. Dolores is fatally injured, however, and collapses moments later.

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