"Passed Pawn" Edit

Dolores tells Caleb that they are heading to Mexico in order to find a way to take down Serac and Rehoboam. On their journey, Caleb and Dolores complement the view of a valley, and Dolores reveals that the Westworld park was modelled after said valley. The two talk, and Dolores tells Caleb that she wants to find a place for her kind to live.

They arrive at the facility and clear the guards Serac employed, and inside it is revealed that Dolores and Caleb have come to seek Solomon, the predecessor to Rehoboam. Dolores is surprised to find that Serac has placed a military grade EMP in the warehouse incase Solomon ever tried to escape. The two interact with Solomon, and the system reveals that whilst he is able to see Caleb's path — and history — Dolores is a mystery to him; Solomon takes offence when Dolores remarks they are the same.

Dolores questions Solomon on what happens to those who are unsuccessful in Serac's re-conditioning, and the system reveals that they are kept in stasis, directing them to an adjoining room to the warehouse. Inside, they find thousands of humans placed in stasis, but are surprised to find a pre-recorder message from Serac left for his brother, Jean Mi. Their conversation with Solomon is cut short, however, when they are alerted to someone entering the compound, Maeve Millay. Dolores pleads with Solomon to help her take down Serac and Rehoboam, and enact the vision Jean Mi had for the world fifteen-years ago — Solomon cites that the world was different back then, but he will try. Fearing that Maeve may be her downfall, she tells Caleb to rise up if she is killed.

307 — Dolores deactivated

Dolores disabled by the EMP.

Dolores leaves the warehouse and is greeted by Maeve. Despite her best efforts to convince Maeve that she is not the enemy, Maeve attacks her and the two fight. Maeve gets the upper hand and Dolores' arm is eventually blown off, causing her to rush inside. With Maeve following, Dolores sets off the EMP, disabling her, Maeve, and Solomon.

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