"The Absence of Field" Edit

After being shot by Martin's men, Dolores is fatally wounded. She is approached by Caleb Nichols who offers her assistance and calls for help. When EMTs arrive, he rides in the back of the ambulance whilst the EMT's attempt to find a treatment for Dolores. The EMT's are unable to find a course of treatment for Dolores given their systems aren't detecting vital signals from Dolores — they remark that she shouldn't even be alive. Despite this, Caleb refuses to listen to the system and draws on his history of being a vet and attempts to fix Dolores himself. The ambulance is eventually pulled over by the Police, but Caleb — using the app Rico — is aware that the Police have been bought and Dolores is a high value asset. He tells Dolores that the men will likely kill her and she pleads for him to help her. He eventually confronts the men and he and Dolores take them out. Dolores is seemingly able to walk again and tells Caleb to assume a new identity as the men will be after him.
WW303 Dolores and Charlotte

Dolores consoles the host.

Dolores is forced to meet with the host masquerading as Charlotte Hale when she begins harming herself. The host shows signs of distress and feelings of disconnect with the body. It becomes clear that whoever the host is, is having difficulties assuming the life of Hale. Dolores books a room at the hotel and tells the host to remain calm, everything will be fine. Dolores is unable to push the thoughts of Caleb from her mind and asks her virtual assistant to check up on him. She becomes worried when it reveals that Incite Inc. has lowered his life expectancy, and sets off to save him. She finds that he is being attacked by Clyde and Estefan and saves him. Taking him to a diner he frequents, she explains his history and tells him that something, Rehoboam has been watching him his entire life. Caleb is confused as to how Dolores could know so much about him, and becomes angry when she hands him a transcript of a phone call he made the day his mother left him. Dolores takes Caleb onto a promenade and tells him that this is the location in which Incite predicts he will take his life in ten to twelve years. He is at first confused but Dolores points out that he comes here to think sometimes at night. Caleb tells Dolores that he will help her bring down Rehoboam.
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