"The Original" Edit

A naked Dolores is sitting in offline mode on a stool in a Mesa Hub diagnostics lab. A voice over conversation between her and a male voice (Jeffrey Wright's voice) takes place, but it is obviously from another time, because Dolores is offline and doesn't respond.

Dolores' loop begins: she wakes up in her bed at the Abernathy ranch, and carries her painting supplies downstairs to the outside porch where she greets her father, Peter Abernathy. Peter is affectionate towards her and reminds her to be home before dark because there is a wanted murderer at large.

Dolores then rides to Sweetwater, buys a few items, and while loading a saddlebag, she drops a can of milk. Teddy Flood picks it up, and Dolores is happy to see him again. They flirt and Dolores rides away, challenging Teddy to race her. They have tender moments in the wilderness near a herd of cattle. Dolores says she knew Teddy would come back, and Teddy says that he knows her father will be just as unhappy to see him as the last time.

As Teddy escorts Dolores home, they spot the cattle still out, and Dolores notes that her father wouldn't let them roam this close to dark. They hear gunshots. Teddy rides ahead, confronting and shooting two outlaw hosts, Rebus and Walter, who have killed Dolores's parents. Dolores follows and mourns her dead father. She is met by the Man in Black, who points out that Dolores doesn't recognize him. He strikes Dolores. Teddy challenges the Man in Black, but the Man in Black taunts Teddy, saying that his role is a loser, for the newcomers to win Dolores from him. The Man in Black shoots Teddy in front of Dolores, killing him. He drags Dolores off into a barn, and it can be inferred that he intends to rape her.

While Dolores is being dragged away, there is a voice-over of Dolores being diagnosed by a male voice (Jeffrey Wright's voice). He asks if she has questioned her reality. When asked if the newcomers' power over her would change her opinion of them, Dolores replies, "We all love the newcomers. Every new person I meet reminds me of how lucky I am to be alive, and how beautiful this world can be." This last line is said as Dolores is shown being dragged into a barn by the Man in Black while she struggles and screams.

On another morning, Dolores has been rebooted: uninjured and unaware of her lover's and parents' deaths. This time, she does not cross paths with Teddy, as the Man in Black picks up the can of milk instead. She doesn't recall the previous night. The Man in Black calls her sweet, says he can't see her that night due to other plans, and leaves.
Dolores the original

Dolores on the front porch of her family home.

In the countryside, Dolores is painting some horses next to a river when she is approached by a family of "newcomers." She invites a young boy to feed a horse. He asks if she is one of the hosts, and tells her she isn't real. She looks confused, warns the family not to stay in the area near nightfall, and says she must leave herself. When she returns home, she finds her father on the porch, staring confusedly at a photograph of a woman he found earlier in a modern-looking city. She dismisses the photo, "Doesn't look like anything to me."

She finds her father still outside the next morning, and he doesn't respond to her at first. He's been outside all night looking at the photo. Dolores is worried, thinking he's ill, but Peter is actually malfunctioning. He asks if she would like to know the question that gave him something he shouldn't have known. He whispers something inaudible into her ear. Dolores, scared, rides into Sweetwater.

Dolores shopping in sweetwater

In part of her narrative, Dolores goes to the store to buy a few items.

In town, she is unable to find the doctor, but does run into Teddy. They share rushed pleasantries about him returning to Sweetwater, and she implores him to go back to the ranch with her. Before they can leave, the wanted outlaw Hector Escaton and his gang enter Sweetwater, and begin shooting people. Teddy and Dolores take cover on the ground. Dolores gets up in an attempt to leave town, and Teddy rushes to save her from getting hurt. He is shot and dies, leaving Dolores distraught.

After the heist, Dolores is still with Teddy's body, imploring a stranger to help her, because her father is sick but she can't leave Teddy's body. The stranger is programmer Elsie Hughes. She puts Dolores in sleep mode by saying that things will soon seem like a dream, after "a deep and dreamless slumber."

In a diagnostic lab in the Mesa Hub, Dolores is brought online by Ashley Stubbs. She has the same blood on her face and neck that she did in the beginning of the episode. Stubbs follows a standard line of questioning that is very similar to the questions asked in the voice-over at the beginning of the episode. He asks about the photograph Peter showed her, and she once again replies the scripted, "It doesn't look like anything to me."

Peter and dolores the original

Dolores' father Peter whispers into her ear.

She is asked what Peter said to her, and she responds with, "These violent delights have violent ends." Stubbs asks her if she has ever lied to them, to which she says, "No". She is also asked if she would ever hurt a living thing, to which she answers, "Of course not." Stubbs seems convinced that she is not malfunctioning, and decides to return her to the park.

When asked of what Peter whispered in her ear, she replies, "These violent delights have violent ends." When asked if she has ever lied to them, she says no. Satisfied, Stubbs has her returned to the park, calling her "Good old Dolores." He shares that Dolores has been upgraded so often that she's practically brand new, but she is the oldest host in the park.

Dolores' narrative begins again and she awakens at the ranch once more. At the morning conversation with her father, she and a different host playing Peter follow the same scripted dialogue. Dolores looks out over the ranch as a fly lands on her neck. She slaps at it, killing the fly.

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