"Trace Decay" Edit

Dolores and William arrive at a riverbank, which Dolores states looks familiar. The two come across a group of corpses scattered along the riverbank, which they identify as Confederados killed by Ghost Nation warriors. Dolores finds an injured, but alive, Confederado who begs for water. William is hesitant to hand over the canteen, but does, and Dolores allows the young Host to drink. William asks the Confederado whether his group were part of the ambush on the train, and after confirming that they were the host reveals that someone from Pariah tipped them off about the train, and ordered them to kill everyone on board. William figures out it was Logan. Dolores tells William they should help the injured man, but William refuses as he was sent to kill them. Dolores protests that he is just a boy, and questions the kind of people they would be if they don't help him.

She goes down to the river to get more water, and hears a voice that says "find me". She also sees herself floating face down in the river, and turns around only to see that William and the corpses are gone. She looks back at the river but there is nothing there, and sees everything is back to normal. She is troubled by the memories, but collects the water and returns to William, just as the host dies.

Dolores and William finally arrive at Dolores' perceived home, and it is an empty, sandy area. The only man-made structure are a buried roof, and the framework of a church steeple with a cross atop it. William looks confused, but Dolores sees the town as it was before it was buried. She remembers the hosts, and the training (some hosts are taught how to dance). Lawrence's Daughter walks up to her, and ask her if she's found what she's looking for. She sees many images: a church confessional, Arnold's hand turning the crank on a music player, Angela on her knees among corpses and crying, and the maze that Lawrence's daughter drew in the sand at the fountain in Las Mudas. Suddenly she hears screaming, and turns to see the townspeople running and being fired upon. She looks for the shooter and sees herself shooting at people. Finally, she sees herself put a gun to her own head.

William grabs the gun from Dolores, who had it raised to her head. He asks her what's going on, and she becomes hysterical, saying she doesn't know what's real anymore. She mentions Arnold, which confuses William. He resolves to take her back to Sweetwater, fearing for her sanity. She realizes that Arnold wants her to remember something. The two are suddenly surrounded by Logan and a group of Confederados. Logan cheerfully tells them, "You are so fucked".

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