"Virtù e Fortuna" Edit

At Fort Forlorn Hope, she introduces herself to the Colonel, naming herself as "Wyatt". The man is surprised, and is reluctant to believe Dolores to be Wyatt at first, however eventually takes her word for it. She warns him that if they do not work together, they could risk more casualties, and he eventually accepts her help, welcoming — who he thinks is Wyatt — to the fort.

Dolores is surprised to see her father, Abernathy, in the fort, and demands to speak with him alone; she does not reveal that Abernathy is her father, however. When Teddy asks who Abernathy is, given he does not remember him from his prior loops, she reveals he is her father, and kneels at the side of him. Abernathy begins acting strange upon recognition of Dolores, and she quickly tells him that she started the war, and hopes some day he will understand her reasoning. The facade is short with Abernathy, however and he quickly slips back into delirium, and Dolores promises "I'm going to get you help!".

When Dolores comes faced to face with Bernard, she remarks his distinct familiarity with Arnold, however it quickly becomes clear to her that Arnold has never been seen outside of the park and therefore, Bernard is not aware that he is modelled after him. Bernard reveals that Dolores' father is unstable and switching back and forth between loops, given someone's rogue programming; Dolores remarks that Abernathy has been used as a pawn in someone's game.

When the Delos security force approaches over the ridge, it becomes clear that the old weaponry is no match against Delos, and the fort comes under heavy artillery. Dolores gives the order for her group to retreat into the fort away from active fire. She does, however catch sight of her father being dragged away by Delos and opens fire on them, she is unsuccessful and is hit when Delos returns the shots. When everything goes sideways for the fort, it becomes clear that Dolores can no longer trust Teddy.

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