What the hell is that?

Bernard Lowe, on first seeing a drone host

Drone Hosts are non-sentient, unmonitored, off-network hosts used by Delos "behind the scenes" of the park to carry out support tasks for operations.


Drone Hosts differ from regular hosts in that they do not have defined facial or other cosmetic features. They appear to have a similar musculature as regular hosts, but with an older model host exoskeletal structure outside of the inner actuator muscles. They do not have any facial features, and it is unknown if they have speech functions. They also appear to follow basic support routines or loops, similar to that of automated warehouse robots.


Drone Hosts seem to have the ability to read genetic code, which implies that they are capable of logging DNA. Thus far they have been shown to have knowledge of ordinary host anatomy, being able to remove the core processor unit. Their main function appears to be logging the DNA and experiences of the guests via the hosts they interact with. Though it can be presumed they can be programed to do anything other hosts can do as well.


"Journey Into Night"Edit

After entering a secret underground facility in the park with Charlotte Hale, Bernard Lowe encounters a Drone host that walks up behind him on its way to another room. He is surprised by it, and alarmed by its behavior until Charlotte explains that it's already read his DNA and knows he's not a threat. Bernard then observes two more drone hosts collecting DNA and visual data from an offline host; one removes its core processor unit while the other takes DNA swabs from its face and genitals. Bernard, shocked, questions Charlotte about the drone hosts' actions but is cut off by her.

Locations Edit

Drone hosts are used in the following locations.


  1. "Journey Into Night"
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