Elliot is a member of the Delos Board.

Plot Edit

Season ThreeEdit

"Parce Domine" Edit

Elliot, alongside the rest of the Delos Board, was frustrated at the PR-Nightmare caused by the Host Uprising.

He didn't trust Charlotte Hale's choice to have an AI-proxy in the place of majority-shareholder William.

"The Absence of Field" Edit

Elliot, alongside Brompton, had discovered that there is a leak within Delos: Quality Assurance had discovered several missing host control units, including that of Maeve Millay.

Elliot's proposed to find these unit's as quickly as possible and terminate them.

"Decoherence" Edit

Elliot witnessed Serac acquire Delos, and his orders to destroy all control units and look for the secret host within the ranks of the staff.

He followed Charlotte Hale, who was backing up Host-data, despite Serac's orders to destroy it all. Charlotte tried to explain that it would be better to have back up, but Elliot decided to report her to Serac.

Due to this Charlotte snapped his neck and hid his body.

Death Edit

Killed By

After Elliot decides to tell Serac about Charlotte, she kills him by snapping his neck.

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