The preacher from Sweetwater, for those looking to get some religion in during their visit. Emmett is pious, kind, and welcoming for any who enter his chapel. For those looking for something else, we have a plotline where Emmett is romancing a married woman living on a ranch outside of town. This illicit affair can lead to violence if her cowboy husband finds out.

–Hart's biography from Kate's tablet

Emmett Garson is a minor character in VR game Westworld Awakening.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Background[edit | edit source]

Emmett is a preacher in Sweetwater's church. His role is to provide guests with religion if they want to. In his loop, he is being visited by a bounty hunter Houston, who confess to him about his wife's strange behavior. He tells she started to frequent the chapel recently, which is because Garson has an affair with her.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Westworld Awakening[edit | edit source]

"Critical Incident"[edit | edit source]

Kate Wesson bumps into an office where Emmett's and Houston's loop is played out. Brannon tells her to activate them with her tablet to distract Hank who temporarily stopped from chasing her. Kate scans them with a tablet. The hosts activate and play their usual narrative where the hunter visits the preacher to confess about his suspicions that her wife behaves unusual because she's visiting the church too often. The preacher says there's no bad about that. They freeze again as Chelsea tells Kate to modify their emotions. Kate lowers Houston's trust, and highers his hostility & suspicion. Then, she brings Emmett's evasiveness down, whereas his jealousy gets brought up. After the changes, the two engage in a fight since Hart realizes his wife cheats on him with Garson, and Hart gets shot by the preacher in chest. Satisfied with the result, Brannon orders Kate to leave since Hank's going to come for the sound. Kate, terrified by what she's done, leaves.

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