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Engerraund Serac is a main character in Westworld, played by Vincent Cassel. He is a trillionaire, the richest man in the world, the owner of Incite Inc., and the co-creator of Rehoboam, the world's most advanced AI.

He serves as the main antagonist of the third season. It is also revealed that he foresaw the Host Uprising and is the figure for whom Charlotte Hale was attempting to smuggle guests' data out of the park in the first two seasons. This may make him the series' overarching antagonist.


Engerraund Serac was born and grew up in Paris, France along with his brother Jean Mi. The two were playing in a field outside of the city when several men in hazard suits appeared to get them out of harms way. Serac then turned back in the direction of Paris only to find that the city was entirely destroyed and nothing but a mushroom cloud.

According to Serac the true enemy of humanity was humanity itself, a lesson he learned on the day his birthplace was wiped out. Human beings made war and conflict with other human beings out of greed and desire for what other humans have or out of prejudice and hate - things Serac saw as proof of his belief. This began his life's work of climbing high to secure power via wealth and to create the means to control the human race and save it from itself.

After they grew up, Serac and his brother became business partners with Liam Dempsey Sr. co-founder of Incite. With Dempsey's funding, the brothers created the first model of Rehoboam. According to Serac, he was the first to predict that the Hosts would start an uprising in Westworld. Serac killed Dempsey when Liam wanted to tell everyone about Serac's experiments on humans,  staging it as a plane crash.  

Serac gained massive amounts of wealth which eventually led to him becoming the richest man alive. He used his power and position as the owner of Rehoboam to then wipe out evidence of his existence worldwide with the only marker being the negative space of vast wealth. At some point twenty years before the Host Uprising, William sold Serac valuable data collected at Westworld which studied human beings and tried to replicate them as Hosts. This data gave Serac an in at Delos Incorporated and he would later have moles - one of which being the Head of the Delos Board, Charlotte Hale - working for him in Delos to inform him on company activities.


Season 3[]

"Parce Domine"

Serac briefly appears to Maeve Millay and she realises that she is stuck in a simulation. When she is finally able to free herself from it she finds herself in Serac's large mansion. He explains that his system recently detected a threat — Dolores Abernathy. Serac explains that he needs Maeve's help to track down Dolores, but Maeve refuses. With this, Serac freezes her motor functions and tells her that they will talk again later

"The Winter Line"

302~thandie-newton 0.jpg
Maeve wakes in a modern, expensive house in a stylish dress. She finds a man waiting for her, Serac. He welcomes her to the real world, and tells her that he needs her help; his system has recently stopped, it has detected a threat. Maeve realises the threat is none other than Dolores Abernathy, but refuses to help when Serac asks if she will help kill Dolores. Realising she is in a compromising situation, she grabs a knife, but is frozen by Serac who tells her the two will talk again.

"The Absence of Field"

Hale visits Serac's house, where it is revealed she is the mole within Delos and had plans to smuggle guest data from sector 16 and sell it to Serac.

"The Mother of Exiles"
Serac brings Maeve back online in a bar in Singapore. When she remarks that Paris would've been better, Serac breaks the news that Paris was destroyed. Maeve cuts to the point and asks why Serac wants Dolores, and Serac reveals that she holds the only key to something he wants — the guest data from the Forge, which Dolores holds the only encryption key. Maeve doesn't seem impressed and, in order to win her trust, Serac offers Maeve an eternity with her daughter in the Valley Beyond.

Serac takes Maeve to Arnold's house, where he has been torturing Jiang, an identity broker who he believes helped Dolores escape. Eventually, Jiang gives up the information Serac is looking for. Maeve questions why she shouldn't go rogue and join Dolores, and Serac warns her that they built an off-switch into her head.

Serac opens telling the story of his history, of how he is an anomaly, and that the all of his family are dead. He recounts his childhood with his brother, who is a "sui generis" (one of a kind), who kept the two alive shortly after their families death until they were found by others. Serac remarks that he and his brother sought to create a new god — Rehoboam — but there were issues they could not predict; a remark akin to Dolores Abernathy.

Back in the present, Serac speaks with the President of Brazil, revealing that there is a regional conflict in the north of the country. The President remarks that his intelligence does not know of any conflicts, with Serac remarking that they only know what he wants them to. Serac threatens the President, telling him to stop extractions, which are causing issues. With this, Serac remarks that his presidency is on the line and leaves to fly back to the US in his private jet.

Serac again reminisces about the past, remarking that building of a "god" wasn't easy, they needed data. Luckily, Liam Dempsey Sr. offered to invest in the project and feed Rehoboam all of the data Incite, had collected over the decades prior to the privacy laws. After it appeared that the machine was unable to predict the future, however, Dempsey pulled his funding, and Serac’s brother suggested that the two kill him. Serac, however, remarked that his brother had succeeded in creating the machine.

Serac’s moment is interrupted, however, by Sebastian, who brings him news that they have traced strange signals, one within Liam Dempsey Jr.’s compound, and that he is now missing. Serac is concerned about Liam’s disappearance, but becomes more agitated When Sebastian reveals that he was last seen at a party attended by Dolores; Serac activates all of their assets, remarking that he wants Dolores found.

In another flashback, Serac explains that they eventually found a way to predict the future through Rehoboam; first, the stock market. They convinced Dempsey by using a hedge fund of $5m — the outcome of the stock market, quickly making a profit of 20 times that.

They continued to use the market but eventually Dempsey became greedy and they locked him out of the system. Shortly after, things began to fall apart due to anomalies. Serac eventually realised that his brother was one of the anomalies, and the changes drove him insane.

Ten years after their initial success with Rehoboam, Dempsey becomes curious about Serac and his brother’s work and visits one of their labs. Inside, he finds hundreds of cell-like containers housing people; one of these people is Serac’s brother.

Questioning Serac, he is told that Rehoboam would usually send these people away to die — either at war or other means — however they can help them by changing their DNA and personalities. When Dempsey is repulses by Serac for testing on his own brother, Serac reveals that he found his brother looking up certain scenarios and in one, he planned to kill Dempsey.

Serac is furious when he finds out about Dolores' plans.

Sebastian tells Serac that they have identified which files Dolores was looking into: his.

In a scene from the past, Serac and Dempsey talk. Dempsey tells Serac that he will tell the public about Rehoboam and Serac’s experiments, however Serac reveals that in each of Rehoboam’s projections, revealing their work ends in human extinction. Serac shows Dempsey his crashed jet, and apologies, telling Dempsey “you didn’t make it”; he kills Dempsey and covers up his death.

Dolores speaks with a projection of Serac, who tells her that he is in control. Dolores says Delos also thought they were in control, and were wrong; she remarks that it is time everyone woke up, and ends the call with a visibly concerned Serac.

We see Maeve and her daughter in on a simulated plain, the daughter disappears leaving Maeve on her own. Serac appears and they talk about hosts only having a present. He wants her to kill Dolores and and she says she wants what Dolores has - "help" - he says he can give her what she wants, but if she fails again he will put her in a less pleasant environment.

Hale heads to the office and a board meeting. Brompton walks with her, saying that have *just* enough votes. Two men kill Brompton, they dispose of his body and give Hale a phone, Serac apologises for the delay in intercepting communications between Brompton and the board. She's unhappy with a board member being killed in broad daylight, he replies that the chaos from the leak will cover everything up. He's is about to land at Delos - which he's about to buy.

When Serac arrives at Delos and is met by Hale he immediately locks down the facility.

Serac prepares to destroy almost all of the company assets

At a surprise board meeting a man is complaining abut Serac's actions, saying they know nothing about him and he has just assumed control of the company.

Serac reveals that knows about Hale being a host and has her held. She reveals that she has already dismantled the company, however, and taken all of the valuable data. Serac, however, remarks that she hasn't, hinting that he was aware of her plans. We see the hosts in cold storage at the park being destroyed. Hale, having anticipated Serac's actions, brought poison gas to the meeting, and kills all of the board members except Serac, who is revealed to only be a projection; he mobilises security to catch Hale. She kills everyone sent to stop her, heading to R&D where hosts are being printed.

"Passed Pawn"
After clearing the minimal guards at the facility, Caleb recognizes he has been at Serac's re-education facility before. Dolores pleads with Solomon for its help to break Serac's system, during which Solomon reveals Caleb was one of the first to be reconditioned by Serac — and that only a few could be successfully conditioned — the rest are put into stasis. Inside an adjacent building, Dolores and Caleb find a large warehouse and are greeted by a pre-recorded message from Serac. In the message, Serac welcomes Jean Mi back, saying that his flaws have been ironed out. They see that Serac has a warehouse full of thousands of people in stasis waiting for the time when they can be awakened. Dolores draws similarities between Serac’s facility and Delos’ Cold Storage facility. Solomon remarks that the stasis is the best case scenario, despite Caleb’s objections.

Solomon also reveals that both Caleb and Francis were actually agents serving Serac's system and were used to round up those outliers, using the RICO app to arrange that and drugs to make Caleb and Francis think that they were still serving in the military. Flashbacks show Caleb's capture of the resistance leader was really Whitman, the CEO of the pharmaceutical company that provided those drugs — and now an outlier for asking too many questions.

Just as Caleb comes to this realization, Maeve arrives at the facility. Dolores implores Solomon to change the story for the world to one that Jean Mi had envisioned fifteen years ago before Serac had put him away. Solomon agrees, but says that it will take time. Maeve speaks with Dolores using her abilities, saying that the two need to talk. Despite pleas from Dolores that the two are not enemies, Maeve refuses to accept this because Dolores murdered Hector and says that Dolores’ existence threatens her daughter.

Dolores lies deactivated following the EMP.

Caleb asks Solomon about Francis' true fate, revealing that Whitman had warned Caleb that RICO would likely tell Francis to kill Caleb, and so Caleb had killed Francis first. As Maeve gains the advantage on Dolores, Solomon provides Caleb a data device along with instructions to kill Serac. Dolores makes it inside the Solomon facility and activates an EMP that disables Solomon, Maeve, and herself.

Caleb looks at the fallen Dolores and hears a voice ready to give him instructions.

"Crisis Theory"
After Dolores' Control Unit is taken from her disabled body by Caleb Nichols, Serac rallies Maeve to find the unit — and therefore the encryption key — and bring it back to him.

After Dolores is brought in by Maeve, Serac has her connected to Rehoboam and brings her back online. He asks her for the key to the Sector 16 data, but she refuses to reveal the location of the key. In return, Serac orders each of her memories searched and deleted if the key is not found. Moments later, Caleb arrives at Incite and tries to enact Solomon's plans. Serac sends Maeve to bring him to Dolores, and when she does, Serac shows Caleb the future Rehoboam has predicted would occur if Solomon's plan was to come true; he crushes the flash drive under his heel.

Shortly after, Maeve realises that Serac is Rehoboam's puppet after she hears Rehoboam talking to Serac and is able to predict his next sentence. Serac reveals that Rehoboam guides him, and when Maeve tries to leave, he shows her the device he created to disable her, and warns her that she can spend eternity in a world of her choosing, or his. Maeve decides to stay, reluctantly.

Serac is wounded.

After Maeve talks with Dolores and reveals that she doesn't have the key, Serac orders Caleb killed, which causes Dolores to scream, sending a power surge through Rehoboam. Maeve talks again with Dolores and changes sides, shooting Serac after killing all of his men. Serac asks Rehoboam to call the authorities, however Maeve reveals that he is no longer Rehoboam's master — Caleb is.

After Maeve realizes Serac won't let her reunite with her daughter, she turns against him to choose the right side, preventing Caleb's execution. In her tantrum induced by Dolores' death, she takes out all of Serac's technicians, also wounding him with her katana. She leaves him attempting to communicate with Rehoboam. His fate is not shown.

Related Casualties[]

This list shows the victims Serac has killed:

  • Liam Dempsey Sr.
  • Whitman (Caused)
  • 3 unnamed Whitman's security guards (Indirectly Caused)
  • Thousands of unnamed outliers (Caused, Off-Screen)
  • At least 5 outliers (Caused)
  • Thousands of unnamed hosts in Delos Destinations Parks (Caused, Off-Screen)
  • Jiang
  • 1 unnamed The Mortician's security (Indirectly Caused)
  • 9 unnamed Yakuza members (Indirectly Caused)
  • Brompton (Caused)
  • Nathan Hale (Caused)
  • Jacob Reed (Caused)
  • Sato (Caused, Physical Body)
  • Dolores Abernathy (Caused)





  • Given his statement to Maeve Millay that “heaven and hell are not real” it is more than likely Serac is an atheist. Ironically Serac’s creation Rehoboam being the most advanced A. I. which collects data and watches over all of humanity is often compared by characters as Serac “creating” God.
  • Serac’s perspective on God is also similar to the views of Robert Ford and Dolores Abernathy who both express God as being a creation of mankind.
  • He is the richest man in the entire Westworld's world.[1]
  • He owns 38% of Delos, more than any other person.[2]
  • He has wiped himself completely off the internet.[3]
  • As the creator of Rehoboam and his seeming awareness and prediction of the Host Uprising, Serac may be the antagonist of the entire Westworld series.


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