Estefan was a criminal working in Los Angeles and a former acquaintance of Caleb Nichols. After Dolores Abernathy becomes a high value target, Estefan works with Clyde to bring her in.


"Parce Domine"Edit

Estefan, alongside Caleb and Giggles, are hired to "babysit" a wealthy young man who has taken a new experimental drug and suffers from psychological withdrawals.

"The Absence of Field"Edit

Estefan arrives, along with Clyde, at the hospital where Caleb's mother is a patient. Estefan questions Caleb on Dolores' whereabouts, citing that he alone could not have taken out the Police in the ambulance. Caleb, however, insists that he alone killed the Police men, and does not know anyone by the name of Dolores. Nevertheless, Estefan and Clyde take him for interrogation.

Estefan and Clyde interrogate Caleb at his construction site, resulting to torture. Still Caleb refuses to give up Dolores. The two men are momentarily interrupted by George, whom Estefan pushes of the building.

Before the can go much further Dolores herself arrives and kills both men by shooting them, and rescues Caleb.



Killed by

Estefan was shot by Dolores when he was trying to throw Caleb off a building.

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