Etu is a character who appears in the second season of Westworld


Etu, at first, appears to be a typical young man, a thorn in the side of the older Akecheta. His later "role" is to confirm Akecheta's suspicions that members of the tribe are disappearing and been replaced with "ghosts."


In Westworld, Etu lived the life of a peaceful agrarian tribesman, living with his mother Wichapi and hunting alongside Akecheta. He believes that Akecheta is loosing his mind after Akecheta finds Charlie's maze toy, and became obsessed with the design. After Akecheta's repurposing as a Ghost Nation warrior, Etu stands up to him and tells him to stop staring at Kohana, Akecheta's former partner.

During the ten years that Akecheta wandered around the park, Etu was decommissioned and moved into storage for unknown reasons, and replaced, but his 'mother' always felt that the replacement was not right.


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