Fares Fares is a Swedish-Lebanese actor who plays Antoine Costa in HBO's Westworld.

Mini Bio

Began his acting career in Sweden 2000 with the movie "Jalla! Jalla!". He has been acting in both comedies as well as action movies. He has been acting in theater as well as some TV productions. In 2012, Mr. Fares started his Hollywood career co-starring with Denzel Washington in the movie "Safe house". Other key-roles in Hollywood are Fauzi Nadal on the FX series Tyrant and Hakim in Zero Dark Thirty. He also plays the character Leo in the 2018 video game "A Way Out".


  • Starred opposite Sidse Babett Knudsen in "The Fakir"(2004).
  • Worked with Tarik Saleh in the 2017 movie The Nile Hilton Incident. Fares was the lead actor and Saleh was the director of the Film. Both were nomintaed for the Guldbagge Award, the Swedish Oscar, for that film. Fares even won the award.
  • An interview interview with bustle.com : Fares, who plays Antoine, is no stranger to the small screen, or the big screen, for that matter. He previously starred as Fauzi Nadal in the FX series Tyrant, and in the acclaimed film Zero Dark Thirty as CIA officer Hakim. But this new role, which sees Fares playing a character who does not seem to be defined in relation to the Middle East, is actually a departure for the actor. In an interview with The National, Fares, who is of Swedish and Lebanese descent, noted that often the roles he is offered reflect his Arabic roots. He said:'"A lot of roles that are coming my way are Middle Eastern and I really don’t have a problem with that as long as I’m are playing a person, not a cliché. I have always tried to mix it up. Interesting offers are coming from that part of the world — but I am not interested in playing bad guys."
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