Forensics is one of three departments under the Quality Assurance division (the other being security and park operations).

Forensics teams employed by QA are similar to the Clean-up crews of the Livestock Management division, but instead of collecting hosts, focus on investigating "crime scenes" where abnormal or anomalous host behaviour occured.

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The Forensics Team goes topside to investigate "crime scenes" or scenes of host abnormality. Please do not enter a scene without the presence of a security team member. If assistance is needed from the Behavior department, please inform the closest advisor, who will make the call to Tech World.

Westworld Corporate Guidebook, p. 15, "Forensics" ,

Transport[edit | edit source]

As shown throughout Season One and Season Two (e.g. "The Original"), forensics staff transport themselves to the park surface for evaluation duties mostly by the hidden elevators, concealed in the park's surface, underground, and some of its buildings. Many of the forensics surface excursions occur at night time, particularly in inhabited places of the park, to avoid breaking immersion for the guests.

Season Two introduces the first on-screen depiction of special subterranean disposal chutes, used for quick conveying of hosts from the surface of the park to the underground facilities, without the need to ferry them by elevators. The hosts carried underground via the chutes are later picked up by forensics or livestock management staff for further analysis.

Forensics members also occassionally use park staff buggies to collect injured, damaged or malfunctioning hosts, if no elevators or chutes are available in an area. This is hinted at in the Season Two episode "Journey Into Night" and shown explicitly in the episode "Kiksuya".

Clean-up crews from Livestock Management use the same transport methods for their daily operations.

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