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Fort Forlorn Hope is a fortification that serves as the headquarters of the Confederados faction in Westworld.

It lies in a narrow valley under two small mountain ridges, with desert scrub and sparse groves covering the valley. Though Forlorn Hope's exact location is not stated, it is probably located on the territory of New Virginia, the main area of the Confederados (a.k.a. "The Army of New Virginia").


The fort is constructed of adobe and wooden materials, and is patterned on traditional fortified settlements of the US Southwest, US prairie Midwest and northern Mexico.

The defences of the fort include tall adobe walls with simple merlons and crennelations, several bastions, defensive walkways, a front (main) gatehouse with two small defensive turrets (one of them weathered or partly ruined), and a smaller gatehouse in one of the side walls.

The fort includes a spacious courtyard with a well, corral (for horses or other animals), a gallows, small workshops and several wagons for transport. The buildings of the fort have living quarters for officer and soldier accomodation and various storerooms.

Season Two[]


Dolores, Teddy and a group of Confederados approach the fort at the end of the episode.

Virtù e Fortuna[]

The Confederados at the fort strike a deal with Dolores and her posse, creating a short-lived military alliance. The fort comes under attack by Delos security forces, with Confederado soldiers defending it via small arms fire and hidden explosive traps. Many of them fall in the encounter, as Dolores orders her followers to close the gate and prevent the soldiers from retreating inside. Several of the approaching security team members are killed in an explosion when Angela lights the nitroglycerine cache trap with gunfire. Charlotte Hale's smaller extraction team manages to enter the fort through a smaller, unprotected gate, in order to capture Peter Abernathy.