It begins in a time of war, with a villain, named Wyatt, and a killing, this time by choice.

–Robert Ford

The Gala Massacre is a battle fought between the hosts and Delos Inc. during the Host Uprising, in which Dolores Abernathy and Robert Ford eliminate a significant portion of the Delos leadership.


Following the Delos Board's unanimous decision to force Robert Ford to retire, the board came to Westworld to attend a gala at the town of Escalante to celebrate the launch of Ford's newly developed narrative - Journey Into Night. In the meantime, Dolores Abernathy is at the verge to reach the center of the Maze and gain sentience. And Robert Ford has released decommissioned hosts in the Cold Storage in advance and made them to be members of Wyatt's gang.

The MassacreEdit

At the gala, Ford announces his new narrative and his retirement with a speech. In the meantime, in the RDF under Escalante, Dolores gains sentience and merges herself with the Wyatt character. As Ford finishes his speech, Dolores walks up behind him and shoots him in the back of the head, and then proceeds to shoot members of the Delos Board. In the meantime, members of Wyatt's gang emerge from the tree line outside Escalante, and join forces with Dolores.


Wyatt's gang wipes out most of the Delos Board. Hosts throughout the parks start to read humans as hosts and start to attack them. Akecheta, leader of the Ghost Nation, views the massacre as a sign and starts to gather the hosts in Westworld to enter the New World.

Notable CombatantsEdit



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