Ganju is a host in The Raj. He is played by Sean Mann.



Ganju is a part of hunting narrative. 


Season TwoEdit

"Virtù e Fortuna"Edit

Ganju isa guide who takes Emily and Nicholas Bengal tiger hunting. The two guests don't know that Ford has engineered the host-uprising, and this leads to Ganju killing two other guests, before surprising Emily and Nicholas on their return to camp. He mumbled "these violent delights have violent ends", before shooting Nicholas. He then attempts to shoot Emily, but as he's run out of bullets, takes his knife to kill her. Emily manages to get a shotgun herself, and "kills" the host.

Related CasualtiesEdit

This list shows the victims Ganju has killed:

  • Possibly numerous unnamed guests and hosts in the Raj park
  • Nicholas

Known DeathsEdit

Ganju had died 1 time on screen, The incidents which he died are as follow:


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