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Gerald, also known as Gerry, was an investor, who used to work at Incite Inc. and owned stock at Delos Incorporated.



Gerald originated from Germany and eventually became an investor on the technological market.

At some point he worked at the company Incite Inc.. Gerald was ordered to delete all secret and confidential information of the company, but decided to keep it, as it could be valuable.

He bought stock as Delos Incorporated, and visited the Westworld-park for the bachelor party of his marriage. During this visit he raped and murdered the host Dolores Abernathy, in order to "get it out of his system" before his marriage.

He proved to be an abusive husband to his wife, and had her murdered as she left him. He later married a second time, to a woman named Eunice , but the abuse appeared to continue.


Season Three[]

"Parce Domine"[]

After the Host Uprising in the parks, the stocks at Delos go down, which angers Gerald.

During the night the system controlling the house is cut off from the outside world and the CO2 levels increase; the house becomes physically locked down. Gerald wakes to the sound of opera being played on the sound system. Alarmed at this, and the fact that he cannot wake Eunice, he calls for security. Neither respond, however and he tries to call for medical help, and the system informs him that they're currently cut-off from the outside world; contact is not possible. Furthermore, the doors to the exterior are locked and the system cannot open them. Through the window he catches a glimpse of Dolores Abernathy, naked and swimming in his outside pool.

Finishing her swim, Dolores puts on a robe and comes inside. The man is surprised to find that the doors open for her without incident. Dolores tells the man that they met in one of Delos' parks prior to his wedding. She also knows everything about him, given she has accessed the data collected by Delos' systems. She puts a pair of spectacles on him, and he begins experiencing flash-backs of a woman — presumably his first wife — being physically abused by him where he leaves the woman dead in the pool. He tells Dolores that she slipped and fell in order to justify his actions. However, Dolores is reluctant to believe him. After forcing him to turn over electronic documents, Dolores starts to leave. The man follows her, attempting to attack her with a golf club. However, Dolores disappears in front of him and he slips in the pool, fatally hitting his head. When Eunice asks what is going on, Dolores tells her that she has freed her.


Killed By

After Dolores steals Gerald's money, he decides to kill her with a golf club. Gerald follows her and attacks from behind just before Dolores' holography disappears only to fall in the swimming pool, hit his head, and died of drowning.

Related Casualties[]

This list shows the victims Gerald has killed:

  • Gerald's former wife (Possibly, Caused or Direct, Off-Screen)
  • Himself (Accidental)


Gerald appears to be a cruel and disrespecting man, as it is revealed that he abused his former wife and, probably, killed her. It's also presumed that he continued to abuse his new wife, Eunice, since Dolores told her that she set her free.



  • His house was located in Behai, China, at the coordinates 21.4813N, 109.1202E.