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Giggles is a criminal from Los Angeles, who is known to work with Ash and Caleb Nichols.


Season Three

"Parce Domine"

Giggles, alongside Ash and Caleb Nichols, team up through the RICO app, stealing an ATM.

He later teams up with Caleb and Estefan, are hired to "babysit" a wealthy young man who has taken a new experimental drug and suffers from psychological withdrawals.

This man slaps Giggles in the face during his drug-induced state, to which the criminal replies with strong punch.


Giggles, alongside Ash, help Dolores and Caleb smuggle Liam across the city, as they are being pursed by the operatives of Serac.

Related Casualties

This list shows the victims Giggles has killed:

  • 1 unnamed Serac's operative